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• 12/15/2018
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• 12/15/2018
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• 12/12/2018

fanon english dub incantations for pretty cure attacks that were officially used

start with a fanon english dub incantation for extreme luminario and you decide what attack the next person will dub

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• 11/26/2018

fanon precure attacks

make your own attacks for the pretty cure franchise

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• 11/25/2018

precure oc maker

make an oc for the pretty cure franchise.

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• 10/18/2018

Tsubomi or Itsuki?

Hi! So, let me ask you something.

Which Precure from Heartcatch Do you like?
  • Tsubomi! A fun loving girl with a cheerful personality.
  • Itsuki! I like here! Does she remind you of Cure Honey?
  • Erika! Erika is awesome. Just like Hime (Cure princess), but awesome.
  • Yuri. She is cool. I mean, just look at her purple hair!
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• 9/4/2018


Hi guys! I’m new on this Wiki, and I want to create a fan PreCure series. Is there an article skeleton that I should follow, and if so, where is it?
Thx! -Dynamo-Chan :)
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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

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Have fun!
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• 7/24/2017

What virtual world should I join?

I got a lot of hate and Cinnamon knew my identity of Precurefan23. I need a place where noone will hate me, I feel welcome, and I can just be me. Amy suggestions?
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• 2/3/2017

What to use?

I am new, and .. I want to ask something...
I want to use the attack thing, like "Purifications | Sub-attack | Group Attack". And also for the song thing, like "Japanese | Romanization | Transilteration". What template for that thing? By "thing" you may be confused, right? Just like that, I don't know how to explain!
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• 2/3/2017

Less Users! I'm so lonely :(

I am newcomed here from 3 or 2 or 1 week(s) ago. I see a lot of pages (article), but sadly, it's less users... I just making my own Precure fanmade series, but I do something wrong at the article. It makes me edit the article again, again, and again. I see the lastest activity, just "eh", it's look like I'm spamming on editing article. It have been 1 day, only 1 lastest activity after I spamming. It's just like, "eh", I was so surprised. Then I left this wiki for 5 days or 1 week. After back again, this discussion is appearing in here (I mean I am making this discussion).
So.. I felt so lonely..
How "we" make more users come to this wiki? More friends, more users, more stars.
Anyone can give an opinion?
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• 11/29/2016

Listen up!

When I returned to this wiki, I was shocked to find that people were breaking the rules here and some already got banned. That's the last straw. Now that I'm back on this wiki, don't expect any more Miss Nice Girl. I'm being a lot more strict here. Admins, if you're reading this, you need to be stricter with people. I hoped that when I left the wiki, I would've left it in good hands. Obviously I need to be strict.
So here's what I'll do now that I'm back. I'm recruiting no more admins, so don't come asking to be one, because you definitely won't be. However, I will recruit an admin if they follow the rules and if I see them do something like standing up to a troll. And only I will be recruiting these admins. Next, if you need to break a rule, ask me first and explain why you need to break it, but don't go without my permission. Rule-breakers will be banned without any mercy.
Don't complain to me that this unfair. IT IS. I'm the founder, and because a few people (you know who you are) are breaking the rules, it's time this wiki was more strict. You can have fun, I'm not against that, just DON'T BREAK THE RULES. This may sound creepy, but I'm watching you all. Be careful.
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• 6/27/2016

Which template??

See, I was making a page about the Best Precure episodes, and I didn't know what template to put because I am so new to the wikia! Can someone PLEASE tell me?
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• 6/14/2016

Series Art

I'll be randomly selecting series with subpart art but good design concepts to make quick sketches of. You're free to recommend a series or character here, but keep these things in mind:
-I won't take series with very good art, because the writer for that series clearly doesn’t need my help. All art done for one of those series is because I feel like it or I'm doing my half of an art trade or something similar. The only exception to this is an interesting re-design or new form design request.
-I won't go off of a description alone, as too much can be lost in translation. It doesn’t have to be good and can use a base if needed, but I need something visual.
-You can’t determine how much effort I’ll put into any piece. Someone may get a very nice piece, and you may get a sketch. All of these pieces are done extremely quickly, and just because I feel extra inspired for one doesn’t mean I hated yours or you or anything.
-If you want me to draw your character and I do so, keep in mind that I reserve the right to change as much or little as I want. I'm not going to go out of my way to radically change your character, but keep in mind that when a character gets re-drawn in higher detail some things that looked fine before might not work. I'll try and keep it as accurate as possible, but things like ruffle types and hair especially tend to work better or worse in different styles. The only exception to this is if I’m requested to change the outfit.
-All art I draw I reserve the right to post on my deviantart or Instagram whenever I see fit. Credit will be give, but you cannot say no to this.

For anyone who’s wondering why I’d do this, it’s really simple: I like a challenge and tend to do my best work when it’s specifically for someone else. I get inspired when I know my ideas and designs will be used by others.
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• 5/7/2016

Pretty Cure OC Elimination Sign Up I thought of this fun game where all users on this wiki could create their own Pretty Cure OC and then after their OC has been created...a little bit of drama or eliminations will begin ;) Hehehe XD

You must create only ONE OC.
Your OC must be female.
This OC can be based of yourself or someone you know or just made from scratch.
The civilian names can be Japanese if you wish and non Japanese names are also allowed. The Cure names are preferred to be in English but they can be in Japanese. E.g. Cure Kiseki
The OC can be a non-Cure like Shiny Luminous and Milky Rose.
These OC must not come from your series so basically they're a stand alone OC for this game only unless you wish to give them a series after this game is over.
Once the basis of your OC has been developed...create a page for her so us users can read all about her so we can figure out if we want her to win.
You do not have to draw your OC if you do not want to.
When the process of elimination arrives, you must vote for an OC who is not your own. The OC with the least amount of votes will be eliminated. Depending on the amount of OCs, the number of rounds are currently unknown.
If there is a tie breaker for the least favored OCs, the creator of the winning OC will pick who is eliminated.
How to Sign Up?
Simple! Just say "I, -insert username here- will join with my OC, -insert name of OC here-."
Once you say that, fill in this basic info form for your OC Cure below:
Civilian name:Cure Name:Age:Birthday: (doesn't need to be included)Zodiac: (doesn't need to be included)Gender: (doesn't have to be included as it is obvious they are female XD)Eye Color:Hair Color/Design:Outfit Design (Civilian/Cure): (if you do not have a design yet...that is alright...just say unknown or still thinking instead)Relatives: (If they don't have relatives for some reason, do not add this or just say Unknown)Theme Color:Power:Weapon:Personality:Background:BONUS! Character song(s):
Yes, this is a long form, but it is to help give you an idea of your OC. And to make this game a little more fun, I'll be joining in too~

Accepted Cures
Himura Ai (Just needs outfit design)
Mai Anderson (Hair design is in the wrong section)
Hoshikami Yume
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• 4/30/2016

I just made my own fan made procure series Shimmer Dream Precure

can anyone give me feedback, and tell me what I should change about it, I took me a year to make this series so please do not copy my series.
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• 4/30/2016
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