Precure Diamond Power (パワープリキュアダイヤモンド! Purikyua daiyamondo Pawā!?) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Diamond Precure. To activate their transformation, the girls need their Diamond Brooch and their Mascot Pety.

Precure and their Mascot

Kokoro (Pety)

Miya (Pety)

Kira (Pety)

Takara (Pety)


Pety gets up then shouts "Hearts Precure! Let's go" And there she sends Diamond Brooch to the heart of Precure then by turning they shouts "Precure Diamond Power" Then of the brooch take out pink ribbons (kokoro) Yellow Blue (Miya) (Kira Vert) (Takara) which wrap all their body. Then Pety sends small pink hearts to the dress of Kokoro, to the shoes of Miya and to Kira's palms and Takara's hair. Every time a heart affects the body this part forms. Precures open their eyes and begin their introductions


(Pety):Heart of Precure! Let's Go

(Precure):Precure Diamond Power 

Ruby: "The red heart of the passion, Cure Ruby! "

Sapphire: The blue heart of the wisdom, Cure Sapphire "

Topaz: "The yellow heart of the kindness, Cure Topaz!"

Emerald: "The green heart of the life, Cure Emerald "

Precure: Shine shine in the sky

Diamond Precure



Ruby情熱の赤いハート,キュアルビー ! 


Topaz:優しさの黄色のハート ,キュアトパーズ

Emerald: 人生の緑のハートキュアエメラルド 

Precure: 空に輝きを磨き


Pety:Purikyua no hāto

Precure: Purikyua daiyamondo Pawā!?

Ruby: Jōnetsu no akai hāto, Kyua rubī!!

Sapphire: Chie no ao hāto, Kyua safaia

Topaz:Yasashi-sa no kiiro no hāto,kyua Topāzu!

Emerald: Jinsei no midori no hāto, Kyua emerarudo!

Precure: Sora ni kagayaki o migaki

Daiyamondo purikyua

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