The 20th Anniversary Congratulatory Message is a short scene that only appears at the beginning of the opening theme and its English Dub for Futari Wa Pretty Cure Sky Jewel for episodes one through to the (unknown) episode to honor the series twentieth year on the air. It features different Pretty Cures (excluding Cure Black, Cure White and Shiny Luminous) from earlier seasons to mark this occasion.

The order appears to be semi-random, and the Cures also appear to be animated by their respective seasons character designer. The Cure that will say the message for the coming week's episode is listed along with a summary and preview for it on TV Asahi's website.

List of Appearing Cures

Episode Cure
Episode 1

Hyuuga Saki/Cure Bloom

Episode 2

Yumehara Nozomi/Cure Dream

Episode 3

Momozono Love/Cure Peach

Episode 4

Hanasaki Tsubomi/Cure Blossom

Episode 5

Hojo Hibiki/Cure Melody

Episode 6

Hoshizora Miyuki/Cure Happy

Episode 7

Aida Mana/Cure Heart

Episode 8

Aino Megumi/Cure Lovely

Episode 9 Haruno Haruka/Cure Flora
Episode 10 Hayashi Sakura/Cure Clover
Episode 11 Hashimoto Chieko/Cure Tech
Episode 12 Akiyama Akiko/Cure Legend
Episode 13 Yamamoto Hitomi/Cure Destiny



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