Akashiya Akua
赤夜 アクア
Akashiya Akua
Personal Info
NameAkashiya "Luna" Akua
BirthdayJanuary 7th
Eye ColorGreenish-Blue
Hair ColorRed
Director Info
Debut SeasonSpring Flowers Pretty Cure
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi, Angel Anime

Akashiya Akua (赤夜 アクア Akashiya Akua) is a director in the Pretty Cure franchise, most known for Spring Flowers Pretty Cure. She is known to make some seasons, maybe a little bit more than others.

Pretty Cure Season

Season Run Theme
Spring Flowers Pretty Cure January 31, 2016 - January 29, 2017 Spring, Flowers
Dream Sky Pretty Cure N/A Sun, Moon
Colorful Sky Pretty Cure N/A Colors
Sweet Dessert Pretty Cure N/A Sweets, Candy
Futari wa Pretty Cure Heart Jewel N/A Jewels, Emotions
Magic Charge Pretty Cure N/A Magic


Akashiya (赤夜 Akashiya) - Aka (赤) means "red" while Ya (夜) means "night". Together, Akashiya means "Red Night".

Akua (アクア Akua) - the romanji of the word Aqua. Aqua is the Latin word for water and a color between green and blue

Luna (ルナ Runa) - Is the shorted version of the word lunatic which is Akua's nickname at school


  • The names Akashiya and Akua come from the fact she was reading the Rosario + Vampire manga
    • Also from the fact she has red hair and greenish-blue eyes
  • She is known as Anime Angel72 on wikia