"The Sunny Warmth! Cure Rosetta!"
Hidamari poka poka! Kyua Rozetta!

Yotsuba Alice (四葉 ありす Yotsuba Arisu?) is one of the main Cures in Doki Doki Pretty Cure GoGo!!!. She is another one of Mana's childhood friends and is the heiress of Yotsuba Enterprises. Her Cure form is Cure Rosetta (キュアロゼッタ Kyua Rozetta?).

Alice Yotsuba
四葉 ありす
Arisu Yotsuba
Personal Info
SeasonDoki Doki Pretty Cure GoGo!!!

Magical Girl

BirthdayMay 28
Blood TypeTBA
Hair ColorDark Orange (Alice Yotsuba)

Orange (Cure Rosetta)

Eye ColorDark Orange (Alice Yotsuba)

Orange (Cure Rosetta)

FamilyIchiro Yotsuba (Grandfather)

Seiji Yotsuba (Father) Shouko Yotsuba (Mother) Hiromichi Yotsuba (Brother)

Home PlaceOogai Town
First AppearanceDDPCGG01
Voice Actor(s)Fuchigami Mai
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Rosetta
WeaponLove Heart Arrow

Magical Lovely Pad

LoyaltyPretty Cure
Theme ColorYellow (Main)

White (Sub)


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