Amaze! Color Cutie Pretty Cure! / Pretty Cure♥ Eien (アマゼ!カラーキューティープリキュア!/ プリキュア♥エイエン Amaze! Karā Kyūtī Purikyua! / Purikyua♥ Eien?) is the first Color Cutie Pretty Cure! single that came out February 28, 2016.

The single contains the first opening and ending of Color Cutie, along with instrumental versions. The DVD includes creditless versions of the opening and ending video in the season.

CD Tracks

Track Title Time
01 Amaze! Color Cutie Pretty Cure!
Amaze! Karā Kyūtī Purikyua!
02 Pretty Cure♥ Eien
Purikyua♥ Eien
01 Amaze! Color Cutie Pretty Cure! (Original Karaoke)
Amaze! Karā Kyūtī Purikyua! (Orijinaru Karaoke)
01 Pretty Cure

♥ Eien (Original Karaoke)
プリキュア♥エイエン (オリジナル・カラオケ)
Purikyua♥ Eien (Orijinaru Karaoke)



Track Title Time
01 Opening (Amaze! Color Cutie Pretty Cure!)
オープニング アマゼ!カラーキューティープリキュア!
Ōpuningu (Amaze! Karā Kyūtī Purikyua!)
02 Ending (Pretty Cure♥ Eien)
Endingu (Purikyua♥ Eien)


  • CD Only -- Color Cutie Pretty Cure! poster
  • DVD Only -- Random Crystal (from the Pure Crystal set)
  • CD + DVD -- Color Cutie Pretty Cure! manga preview

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