Amazing Pure Crystal Attack (アメージングピュアクリスタルアタック Amējingu Pyua Kurisutaru Atakku) is the Pretty Cure's first group attack in Heartful Shine Pretty Cure. It is first used in Episode 20 and requires the use of the Purity Crystal Harp. When performing this attack, each Cures have butterfly wings of their own.


The Cures hold their hands out, and summon the Purity Crystal Harp. Cure Legend goes forward and grabs the Harp, and starts to strum it. When she does, the Cures each gain a pair of butterfly wings, and their outfits become frillier. The Cures go into a shape like a star, and while passing the Harp around for the Cures to play, they each shout out a line, and while the Harp is being strummed, soundwaves and crystal notes appear and circles the target. Then the Cures hold out their hands and shout, "Pretty Cure, Amazing Pure Crystal Attack!" A blast of energy from each Cure (which is their theme colours) zap their target, and as the target is being purified, the area within a kilometre is purified



All: 表示さ!純度クリスタルハープ!

Cure Love: 明日の音楽をかき鳴らし、

Cure Soul: 私たちの心の中に喜びのメロディーとともに、

Cure Fantasy: 我々は常に、美しさが表示されます

Cure Miracle: すべての純粋な心を通じ、

Cure Legend: そして、我々は今日の愛を期待します!

All: 光を見せて下さい!人々に向かって慈悲を見せて下さい!

All: プリキュア、アメージングピュアクリスタルアタック!


All: Hyōji sa! Puriti Kurisutaru Hāpu!

Cure Love: Ashita no ongaku o kakinarashi,

Cure Soul: Watashitachi no kokoronouchi ni yorokobi no merodī to tomoni Wareware wa tsuneni,

Cure Fantasy: Utsukushi-sa ga hyōji sa remasu,

Cure Miracle: Subete no junsuina kokoro o tsūji,

Cure Legend: Soshite, wareware wa kyō no ai o kitai shimasu!

All: Hikari o misete kudasai! Hitobito ni mukatte jihi o misete kudasai!

All: Purikyua, Amējingu Pyua Kurisutaru Atakku!


All: Appear! Purity Crystal Harp!

Cure Love: Strumming the music of tomorrow,

Cure Soul: With the melody of joy in our hearts,

Cure Fantasy: We will always show beauty,

Cure Miracle: Through every pure heart,

Cure Legend: And we will hope for the love of today!

All: Show the light! Show mercy towards people!

All: Pretty Cure, Amazing Pure Crystal Attack!

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