Amemori Hanako
アメモリ ハナコ
Amemori Hanako
Personal Info
SeasonBest Precure

Magical Girl

Hair Colormaroon (civilized

red (Precure)

Eye ColorGreen
FamilyHyuga Saki (Mother)

Amemori Cheiko (Father) Amemori Fukiko (Brother)

Voice Actor(s)Mirai Yukishiro
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Forest
WeaponForest Branch
Theme ColorRed
Anemori Hanako is the lead Cure who is in Best Precure. She loves sports and is very popular. She is a star softball pitcher but doesn't get good grades, just like her mother, Hyuga Saki. Her best friend is Haruna Hamasaki. Her alter ego is Cure Forest. Her transformation phrase is Precure! Natural Shine! (プリキュア!ナチュラルシャイン Purikyua Nachurarushain!)


Hanako has maroon colored hair which she wears in a high ponytail. She wears a pink T-shirt with a feather on it with a flowery skirt complete with white sneakers with green stripes. When she is Cure Forest, Her sleeves turn into leaves and she wears a red dress with a green and gold bow. the lower part of her dress is dark green and has pink frills. Her shoes are red boots with a green bow.




Hanako (花子?): The kanji 花 means "Flower" While the kanji 子 means "child". This could refer to her alter ego, as forests have flowers.

Amemori (雨森?): means "rainforest" This could be a pun on her alter ego, Cure Forest.


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