Amethyst Shimmer (アメジストシマー Amejisutoshimā) is Cure Amethyst's main purification attack in Diamond Rainbow Precure. To perform it, Amethyst must be with Viola and using her Rainbow Pact.


Amethyst first calls upon Viola. Magic then gathers in her Rainbow Pact. It is then released at the Incolore, purifying it.



Cure Amethyst: ビオラ!

Cure Amethyst: 知恵の魔法は、集まります!

Cure Amethyst: プリキュアアメジストシマー!


Cure Amethyst: Biora!

Cure Amethyst: Chie no mahō wa, atsumarimasu!

Cure Amethyst: Purikyuaamejisutoshimā!


Cure Amethyst: Viola!

Cure Amethyst: The magic of wisdom, gather!

Cure Amethyst: Precure Amethyst Shimmer!


  • This is the first attack to utilize the word "Shimmer"

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