Bad Love Pretty Cure is the evil counterparts of the Love Pretty Cures who first appear on episode 30.
Kitsune Rudi, Cure Hate / Rippu Jumen, Cure Selfish / Shi Damu, Cure Detest / Bobotto Supen, Cure Greedy / Maku Herikin, Cure Neglet
The Evil King
Okami Tafu, Cure Lust / Nuimasu Kaiyo, Cure Fondness / Yukan'an Sumato, Cure Adore / Tedi Pari, Cure Dear / Josei-tachi Hikari, Cure Devotion
The evil king wants to stop the Pretty Cure so he decided to make the evil them, so he made the Bad Love Pretty Cure. During each battle that is going on, the Love Pretty Cures decide to go see what's going by being their cure form until they came across the Bad Love Pretty Cures. After their battle, the Bad Love Pretty Cure becomes good.

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