Barano Kaori
Barano Kaori
Personal Info
SeasonFloral Precure
Hair ColorBlonde (Kaori)

Pink (Rose)

Eye ColorYellow (Kaori)

Yellow (Rose)

FamilyBarano Nozomi (Mother)

Barano Kazuki (Father) Barano Kimochi (Sister) Barano Haru (Grandmother)

Home PlaceBlooming Town

Flower Shop

First AppearanceF❀PC01
Voice Actor(s)Tokumitsu Yuka
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Rose
WeaponLys Mirror

Rose Mirror

Theme ColorPink
Barano Kaori (バラの香り Barano Kaori) is one of the Cures in Floral Precure. Her alter ego is Cure Rose (キュアローズ Kyua Rōzu) Her catchphrase is Do your best (頑張って Ganbatte). She represents the Passion.




Koari is a girl who is always happy. She never thinks before acting. She is awkward and a little bit crazy: she adores having fun and making the parties. She is good at sport, at music, at drawing, and a little less at studies.


Miasa Ame: She is friendly to Koari. She treats her well.

Barano Haru: Koari's Grandmother. She is kind and very concerned about Koari, always giving useful advice to the girls when the situation is hard. Koari loves her grandmother so much that she told her about the Pretty Cure identity.

Cure Rose



Rose Tornado:  is Cure Rose's main attack, that can only be used with the Rose Mirror. It appeared in episode 2.

Rose Shoot: is Cure Rose's main attack, performed with the Rose Mirror and Flower Box. This attack is upgraded to Rose Shoot Max Power

Rose Shoot Max Power: is Cure Rose's second main attack, performed with the Rose Mirror, Flower Box and The Passion Petals.

Floral Floods: is Cure Rose's group attack that she performs with Cure Lys, where she needs the Flower Beat Box and the Passion Petals. It made its debut in episode 15.

Spring Purification Shower: is Cure Rose's second group attack that she performs with Cure Lys, She needs the Flower Box and the Crystal Rose. It was seen for the first time in episode 38, where she needs to be in her Spring Form.

True Love Shower: Her new attack that she can only use in her Lovely Form. It was seen for the first time in the movie


Barano (バラのBarano) Bara (バラ) means Rose. No means "of". So Barano can mean "Of Rose"

Kaori(香り Kaori) : means Flavor

Barano Kaori means " The perfume of Roses"