Blooming Heartcatch Precure
General Information
Director(s)Chinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongStar Charmed! Blooming Heartcatch Precure!
Ending SongStarry Miracle (1-25)
Series Info



PredecessorFruit Precure
SuccessorTwinkling Smile Precure
Blooming Heartcatch Precure is the second next generation series created by hickmanm.


Years after the defeat of Dune and the Desert Apostles, Dune's daughter, Sandstorm, plans to destroy the Star Tree. Hanasaki Chika and Kurumi Kasumi are walking to school one day and meet Perfume and Spice who are looking for Cure Blossom and Cure Marine to help fight the new Desert Apostles. However, they bump into Scorpian, the new Sasorina and she creates a Desertrian. Perfume and Spice tell the girls to transform into Precure and the girls become the new Precure: Cure Sakura and Cure Whirlpool.


Hanasaki Chika /Cure Sakura - Hanasaki Tsubomi's child and the lead cure of season. She is very smart and friendly. Her Cure alter-ego is Cure Sakura, the flower of the earth whose theme colour is pink

Kurumi Kasumi /Cure Whirlpool - Kurumi Erika's child. She is very energetic like her mother. Her Cure alter-ego is Cure Whirlpool, the flower of ocean whose theme colour is blue

Myoudouin Hotaru /Cure Sunlight - Myoudouin Itsuki's child. She is also the student council president at her school. Her Cure alter-ego is Cure Dawn, the flower of the morning whose theme colour is yellow

Tsukikage Yuzuki /Cure Moonray - Tsukikage Yuri's child. She is very mysterious. Her Cure alter-ego is Cure Twilight, the flower of the night whose theme colour is purple


Perfume - Chyphre's daughter and the smartist mascot of the season.

Spice - Coffret's son and the most energetic mascot of season.

Cake - Potpourri's daughter and the babyish mascot of the season