Nijiiro's Destruction

It is a peaceful day. Fairies are flying around, talking and groups, playing games. A few are talking to the King and Queen herself. A girl enters the room, asking to talk to the royal two. The fairies leave, smiling.
Queen: What brings you here, Magenta?
Magenta: Well, according to what I have observed, everything seems to be in good standing. Though I am a bit concerned that a surprise attack might occur. Looks slightly downward
King: I can understand this, but you well know that we are always prepared for attacks. So, please don't worry and have a good day today. The King and Queen smile
Magenta: in a worried tone Okay... Farewell. Magenta exits the room. She is then shown in her own room.
Magenta: Hmm... Are they really right? Is everything okay? pauses, then sighs Well, I guess I should trust them. I'll check on the Jewel.
Magenta stands before the Pure Jewel.
Magenta: Wow, it really is amazing... A shadow covers Magenta. She backs away, and the Jewel is shattered. Magenta screams, running toward the King and Queen.
Magenta: Out of breath King, Queen, the Jewel is in trouble! It's... shattered!
The King and Queen rush out, and are shocked to see an empty center of Nijiiro.
Magenta: You must hurry and flee! I can't risk any of you getting hurt or dying!
The King and Queen run, and Magenta dashes in a different direction. A group of girls prepares to transform, but in a flash, they are in cages. The color from Nijiiro begins to fade.
Magenta: Spots 4 fairies off in the distance Wait!
The fairies turn around.
Magenta: You saw the Cures get captured, right? The fairies nod. I need you to look for the Pure Crystals. I'm asking you to look in Nijisora, Japan. If a girl finds it, she could be a Legendary Pretty Cure herself, so stay aware. Okay?
Fairies: Okay! The four fairies go together, while Magenta runs in a different direction.
Magenta: Calls back Good luck!

Opening // Amaze! Color Cutie Pretty Cure!

Etsuko's Discovery