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Castor Kingdom Profile
Biographical Information
Season Prism Pretty Cure!
Kanji キャスター
Rōmaji Kyasutā
Home Place Light Kingdom
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red & Yellow
Professional Status
Occupation Jewel Carrier of the Crystal of Passion
Affiliation Light Kingdom
Personal Status
Relatives Tiara (younger sister)
Frore (younger brother)
Pearl (older sister)
Fan Fiction Chapter 1
Anime PPC01
Voice Actors

Castor (キャスター Kyasutā?) is one of the main mascots in Prism Pretty Cure! and Ren's transformation partner. He is the Jewel Carrier of the Crystal of Passion. He ends his sentences with "~kasai".


Castor is a phoenix-like fairy with red and yellow coloured feathers and brown eyes. He wears a red ribbon underneath his neck that has a jewel connected to the middle of the bow.

In his human form Castor takes on an appearance of a high schooler. He has messy red hair and brown eyes. He wears a pale yellow coloured head warmer that covers most of his forehead.

When he was in the light kingdom he wore a white cloak with red lining and a golden chain instead of the jacket.



Castor has the ability to reside inside and activate the Prism Commune and help Ren transform into Cure Blaze. In the events of episode 24 he is shown to have the ability to transform into a human, which he commonly used back when he was in the Light Kingdom. He is also able to transform into a giant bird, used as an aerial transport when necessary. 



Akanishi Ren -

Kage Ichiro -



  • Etymology
    • Castor (キャスター) - A Double Star


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