Chinatsu Kiseki
Chinatsu kiseki
Personal Info
Birthday4th August
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
Director Info
Debut SeasonFlower Precure
NetworkToei Animation

Chinatsu Kiseki (千夏キセキ Chinatsu Kiseki?) is the pen-name for Hickmanm. She is the creator, director and writer of the series, Flower Precure as well as most of the other series of this wiki. She is often described as very smart but shy in the meantime.


Kiseki has shoulder length brown hair and dark green eyes and wears purple glasses. She usually wears a short sleeve purple top, black leggings and lilac flats.


She is often described as very smart but shy in the meantime


Chinatsu (千夏?) - means "One thousand summer" with the "Chi" meaning "One thousand" and the "natsu" meaning "Summer". This may refer to that she was born in Summer

Kiseki (キセキ?) - means "miracle"

Therefore, Kiseki's name means "One thousand summer miracles"


Kiseki is the creator of the following series:

Flower Precure
Air Date: Febuary 5th, 2017
Theme(s): Flowers, Love, Ribbons, Dreams
Episodes: 55
Opening(s): Let's go! Flower Precure!, Let's go! Flower Precure! ~Forever ver.~
Ending(s): Ima Koko Kara, Ganbalance de Dance ~Flower Relay~

Starlight Precure
Air Date: 4th February, 2018
Theme(s): Stars, Dreams
Episodes: 48
Opening(s): Eternal Aurora! Starlight Precure!
Ending(s): Forever Light, Shining Star

Equestria Precure
Air Date: ???, 2019
Theme(s): Friendship, Magic
Episodes: 50
Opening(s): Lucky Friendship! Equestria Precure
Ending(s): A Friend for Life, Right there in front of me

Everlasting Suite Precure
Air Date: ???, 2020
Theme(s): Music
Opening(s): Everlasting Harmony! GO!
Ending(s): Crescendo Beat, ???