This is a list of episodes in Color Cutie Pretty Cure!

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Mazu Pyua Kurisutaru! Purikyua Tsuini Kaettekita!
"The First Pure Crystal! Pretty Cure is Finally Back!"
One day in Nijiiro, an evil force attacks, defeating the remaining Pretty Cure and shattering the Pure Jewel. Now, the surviving residents must find the crystals! Aiwa Etsuko just so happens to discover one, and unlocks the power to save Nijiiro, and her home town under attack! Transforming into Cure Rose, Etsuko must learn her new powers fast, and use them wisely!
02 Fasshon no Purikyua! Kyua Anbā Tōjō!
"The Pretty Cure of Fashion! Cure Amber Appears!"
After transforming into Cure Rose, Etsuko will help Crimison search for the other Pretty Cures! But Crimison tells Etsuko they scattered around the world! Meanwhile, Midoribara Bella discovers the Orange Crystal, and transforms into Cure Amber! Now a duo, Etsuko and Bella will search for the remaining Pretty Cures!
03 Purikyua ni Inori! Kyua Gōrudo de Furorida!
"Prayers to the Pretty Cure! Cure Gold in Florida!"
At Bella's house, the girls meet Magenta, a servant of King Rainbow and the one in touch with the Pretty Cures. In Florida, America, a girl named Olivia Carey obtains the Yellow Crystal, transforming into Cure Gold. Bella and Etsuko meet her through Magenta's power, and they learn her home town is under attack as well. They pray for her, hoping she finds her teammates.
04 Seikō! Kyua Raimu wa Oribia no Pātonā Desu!
"Success! Cure Lime is Olivia's Partner!"
With the girls still fighting in Japan, they hear from Olivia that her friend Sophia has transformed into Cure Lime! The girls are still bonding, while Crimison and Tangerine ponder over who the other Pretty Cures will be.
05 Shin'iri no On'nanoko, Ayano! Kanojo wa Daredesu ka?
"The New Girl, Ayano! Who is She?"
According to Magenta, two girls in Sydney, Australia found Red and Orange crystals, just like Bella and Etsuko! This means that there are more crystals than expected! Meanwhile, Takumi Ayano moves in to the girls' town. Will she be a Pretty Cure?
06 Burū Kurisutaru no Chikara! Kyua Sukai Tanjō!
"The Blue Crystal's Power! Cure Sky Appears!"
While wandering around town, Ayano discovers one of the Pure Crystals, and shows it to the girls! In France, a Orange and Yellow Crystal is found. When Etsuko and Bella struggle to defeat the Mono, Ayano must gather her courage and transform into Cure Sky!
07 Etsuko no o Tomari! Watashitachi no Yume no Uchigawa Faito!
"Etsuko's Sleepover! Fight Inside our Dreams!"
Etsuko holds a sleepover with Bella and Ayano to bond with them and show off their art skills! But when a Mono attacks inside their dreams, the girls must learn to fight in the Dream World! Will they succeed?