This is a category listing the episodes for Cosmic☆Star Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Sabishisō nagareboshi - Kyua Kosumosu
さびしそう流れ星 - キュアコスモス
"The lonely shooting star - Cure Cosmos"
Cosmos and many other citizens of Pandora have lived peacefully for many light years when just one light year ago, Pandora begins being attacked by Alien. But when Cosmos, the Pretty Cure of Pandora, gets distracted by helping the King and Queen, Alien attacks stronger then ever! Can Cosmos save her beloved planet before it's too late?
02 Chikyū - Atarashī seikatsu ga ima hajimaru!
地球 - 新しい生活が今始まる!
"Earth - New life begins now!"
Asteroid 2017-02-12
Having no choice but to go to Earth, Cosmos leaves Pandora with Star to escape being defeated, in which she finds herself in a park on Earth. There, she meets Hiroshi Seiki who notices how weak Cosmos looks and takes her home to get her cleaned up. After, Cosmos sudden appearance change, Seiki discovers more about Cosmos when suddenly...Asteroid comes in search of Cosmos.
03 Supēsu - Miryoku
スペース - 魅力
"Space - Fascination"
04 Hoshi ni negai wo - Kyua Kosumosu ga komatte iru!
星に願いを - キュアコスモスが困っている!
"Wish upon a star - Cure Cosmos in trouble!"
05 Chīsana hoshi no tanjō - Kyua Wandā!
小さな星の誕生 - キュアワンダー!
"Birth of a little star - Cure Wonder!"
06 Issho ni - Kozumikku☆Sutā Purikyua!
一緒に - コズミック☆スタープリキュア!
"Together - Cosmic☆Star Pretty Cure"
07 Chiyo - Ningen
ちよ - 人間
"Chiyo - Human"
08 Seiki - Imajin
せいき - イマジン
"Seiki - Imagine"
09 Nazo - Kozumikku Ōbu
謎 - コズミックオーブ
"Mysteries - Cosmic Orbs"