The Cure Charms are magic items that when all 60 are gathered and placed in Heart Case can fulfill any desire, each Cure Charm has an element,depending on the element it may have a different power example:Cure Charm with the flower element has the power to make various flowers flourish when placed in the "Cure Cure Activator Charms" some Cure Charms allow Pretty Cures use their attacks


Normal Cure Charms

The Cures Charms are icons with a picture of the Cure Charm element
Cure Charms attacks

The Cure Charms attacks are an icon with the figure of weapon that it will give the power to use the attack

List of Weapons Cure Charms 

Episode Appearance Belongs to Description Ability/Power 
FPPC01 Cure Cherry Sakura Arrow Charm Allows Cure Cherry use your Arc Sakura attack, Attack
FPPC02 Cure Taiyo Taiyo Gun Charm Allows Cure Taiyo use your attack Taiyo Bang Bang
FPPC03 Cure Rose Rose Shiny Sword Charm Allows Cure Rose use your Bright Sword Attack, Attack
FPPC01 Cure Lily Lily Fan Charm Allows Cure Lily use your attack lily Wind
FPPC05 Cure Sapphire Sapphire Stick Charm Allows Cure Sapphire use your attack sapphire shower

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