Cure Decors
Kyua Dekoru
AppearanceExciting Smile Pretty Cure!
UsageAllows Pretty Cure to transform
OwnerHoshizora Miyuki
Hino Akane
Kise Yayoi
Midorikawa Nao
Aoki Reika
Sakagami Ayumi

The Cure Decors (キュアデコル Kyua Dekoru?) are little items the Cures, except for Cure Harmony and Cure Sky, need to transform into Pretty Cure. Each Decor of each Cure is differently shaped.


Royal Decors

  • Royal Pink Heart Decor - Cure Happy's transformation Decor.
  • Royal Red Circle Decor - Cure Sunny's transformation Decor.
  • Royal Yellow Star Decor - Cure Peace's transformation Decor.
  • Royal Green Gem Decor - Cure March's transformation Decor.
  • Royal Blue Diamond Decor - Cure Beauty's transformation Decor.
  • Royal White Hexagon Decor - Cure Echo's transformation Decor.

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