Rainbow Pretty Cure episode Episode 1
Air date January 1st
Episode Guide
Opening Let's go! Rainbow Pretty Cure
Ending Shining, Sparkling! Pretty Cure
Our True Friends Cure Friendship Is Born! Is the very first episode for Rainbow Pretty Cure


Mirai Sakura is on her way to school and runs inot her best friend Miyako Rina, the both of them greeted each other and they both headed to the school. They made it to Dream Middle School just before their teacher got there, and Sakura got to the Student Council room to get everything ready before anyone else got there. As for Rina, she started to clean the teacher's board and placed flowers in the flower pot. At Despair, Queen Despair Liza bethel demanded for revenge for her imprison in Harmonia Kingdom, so she made a huge earth quake and Harmonia was under attack, Princess Diana-Rose called for three fairies to come and aid her by gathering the next Princess and the Rainbow Cures to save her kingdom.

During the Student Council meeting, Sakura was hearing someone from outside, so she cancelled the meeting and quickly ran outside, but she didn't see anyone until she looked up and saw three mascots falling and they fell on top of Sakura , the Raccoon apologized for falling on her and introduced himself and his sisters and Ricky the Raccoon, Angel the Cat and Poppy the Tiger.