Daylight Hurricane (デイライトハリケーン  Deiraitohurikēn) is the main purification attack that Cure Daylight performs. It made it's debut in episode 1.


Daylight first calls upon the Daylight Wand from the sun. Her Season Brooch then glows and transforms into the Daylight Wand. She then holds it up into the air and it gathers energy from the sun. When she says "Daylight", Daylight starts to spin around and after she says "Hurricane", the energy is released purifying the Pluie. She then says "Brillando"



Cure Daylight: デイライトワンドは、出て来ます!

Cure Daylight: 夏の電力が明るく輝いて!

Cure Daylight: プリキュアデイライトハリケーン!

Cure Daylight: 輝きます!


Cure Daylight: Deiraitowando, dete kimasu!

Cure Daylight: Natsu no denryoku ga akaruku kagayaite!

Cure Daylight: Purikyuadeiraitoharikēn!

Cure Daylight: Brillando!


Cure Daylight: Daylight Wand, come forth!

Cure Daylight: The power of summer in my hands!

Cure Daylight: Precure Daylight Hurricane!

Cure Daylight: Brillando!


  • "Brillando" is Spanish for "Shining Bright"

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