Destroyer (デストロイヤー Desutoroiyā) is one of the three commanders of the Dusk Area. He, along with Stone and Poison, form a group called the Dusk Trio. He hates kindness.


First Attack

He first appears in Episode 5, having been sent by Zero after Stone and Poison's failures to defeat the Cures. He targets a T.V. actor and creates a Hidoi. During the battle, he encounters Cure Tulip and tries to dishearten her, but she was not affected.



He is a vain young boy who always holds a mirror. He adores everything that is beautiful as himself. He is a bit of a narcissist and also pompous. Additionally, he also looks and acts like a woman.


  • Destroyer is the fourth villain to be a kid, preceded by Kiriya from Futari Wa Pretty Cure, Ira from DokiDoki! Pretty Cure and Lock from Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Official Art/Profile



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