This is a list of Diamond Rainbow Precure episodes

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
DRPC01 The purple jewel of magic and wisdom! Glistening, Cure Amethyst!
魔法と知恵の紫色の宝石は! 輝きます,キュアアメジスト!
"Mahō to chie no murasakiiro no hōseki! Kagayaku, Kyuaamejisuto!"
Obsidian TBA
DRPC02 The red jewel of fire and passion! Blazing, Cure Ruby!
火と情熱の赤い宝石!ブレイジング, キュアルビー!
"Hi to jōnetsu no akai hōseki! Bureijingu,kyuarubī!"
Obsidian TBA

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