Hey, everyone. I've decided to do this to help users overcome their shyness to contribute to the wiki.

How I overcame my shyness

I first contributed to the wiki on October 1st 2015. I wrote lot's about Flower Precure in notebooks however I was to shy to contribute to the wiki. However, I just contributed to the wiki and overcame my shyness.


Admins are always there for you

If you need any help, admins are always there. There are six admins at the moment including me, these are: CureHibikiDaisyandMangaForeverFairySinaLeenaCandyCureKurogane and me, Hickmanm. You also have the founder to talk to, HanasakiTsubomi997.


Always plan what you're going to do for your series before you contribute to the wiki.

Signed by Hickmanm

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