Dual Sky Magic! (デュアルスカイマジック!De~yuaru Sukai Majikku!) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Futari Wa Pretty Cure Sky Jewel. To activate their transformations, the girls need their Jewel Communes and their respective mascot partners.

Pretty Cure & Mascot Partners

Cure Sunburst - Mepple

Cure Moonbeam - Mipple

List of Sequences & First Appearances

Cure Sunburst and Cure Moonbeam - Episode 1


Aika and Masami wave their hands wave their hands over their Jewel Communes, and beams of light emerge, and the Crystal Cards appear. Aika and Masami grab their respective Crystal Card and put them onto the top of their Jewel Communes. The girls hold hands and make a circle around themselves, while shouting "Dual Sky Magic!" The girls are covered in rainbows, and fly up to the sky. Aika's hair grows longer, and turns pink. Masami's hair grows longer, and turns lavender. A sun-like shape and a crescent moon-like shape comes spinning towards Aika and Masami, and once it reaches them, the shapes explode and Aika and Masami emerge in their Pretty Cure outfits, and the girls land. As Cure Sunburst says her introduction, her red ombre appears. As Cure Moonbeam says her introduction, her purple ombre appears. They then say their group introduction together.



All: デュアルスカイマジック!

Cure Sunburst: 鮮やかな黄金の太陽の光でいっぱい!キュアサンバースト!

Cure Moonbeam: 輝く銀色の月の光を輝かせて!キュアムーンビーム!

All: ふたりはプリキュア!

Cure Moonbeam: 他人の笑顔を盗むために脅す人は、

Cure Sunburst: あなたが愛の名の下に処罰されます!


All: De~yuaru Sukai Majikku!

Cure Sunburst: Azayakana kogane no taiyō no hikari de ippai! Kyua Sanbāsuto!

Cure Moonbeam: Kagayaku shirogane iro no tsuki no hikari o kagayaka sete! Kyua Mūnbīmu!

All: Futari wa purikyua!

Cure Moonbeam: Tanin no egao o nusumu tame ni odosu hito wa,

Cure Sunburst: Anata ga ai no na no shita ni shobatsu sa remasu!


All: Dual Sky Magic!

Cure Sunburst: The brilliant golden sun bursting with light! Cure Sunburst!

Cure Moonbeam: The shining silver moon beaming with light! Cure Moonbeam!

All: We are Pretty Cure!

Cure Moonbeam: Those who threaten to steal the smiles of others,

Cure Sunburst: You will be punished in the name of love!

English Dub

All: Dual Sky Magic!

Cure Sunburst: The shining sun, rising over the Earth! I am Cure Sunburst!

Cure Moonbeam: The glittering moon, lighting up the Sky! I am Cure Moonbeam!

All: Together we are Pretty Cure!

Cure Moonbeam: When a beautiful smile has been taken by a creature of darkness,

Cure Sunburst: You must return it, or you will be punished!



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