This is where the ending theme titles of each season of this wiki are displayed. To know the lyrics, please go to that song page.

Natural PreCure

Cosmic☆Star Pretty Cure!

Color Cutie Pretty Cure!

Techno Pretty Cure

Shining Jewels Pretty Cure

Heartful Shine Pretty Cure

Chikyuu Heart PreCure!

Rainbow Pretty Cure

Hello! Pretty Cure Wishes

Happy! Prince PreCure

Spring Flowers Pretty Cure

Olympian Goddess Pretty Cure

Dream Sky Pretty Cure

Dancing Stars Pretty Cure

Wedding Love Pretty Cure!

Electric Shock Pretty Cure!

Season Heart Pretty Cure!

Shimmer Sensation Pretty Cure!

Shine! Regalia PreCure

Miracle Legend Pretty Cure

Prism Pretty Cure!

Futari Wa Pretty Cure Sky Jewel

Fairy Tale Heart Pretty Cure!

Sugar Rush Pretty Cure!

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