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Sunset and water view in the end of the Eternal Forest

Eternal Forest (永遠の森 Eien no mori) is one of the important places in Kagayaku Ria's planet, Holy World. Once an ordinary person (except for Maria, and Hoshi since they're Precures and Ria because she already has a beast inside and even if the beast was removed, she becomes a Precure, Angel Stella because she is an angel and the mascots because they're created by purely the power of hope) enters the forest, he/she becomes a beast himself/herself and starts attacking anyone who enters the Eternal Forest. Because of this, this forest is now nothing but an abandoned and a cursed forest filled with beasts that attack people. This forest also plays an important role in Cure Flashlight's backstory. This forest is called Eternal Forest as this forest lasts forever even in the altered timeline created by Angel Stella but unlike the forest in the previous timeline, the forest in the altered timeline contains no beasts and is no longer cursed.

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