Extreme Elemental Eternity is an attack performed by the 5 cures. It was used in Elemental Pretty Cure 5!. It was first used in Episode 30.


All: Eternity Form!!!

(Cures transform into their Eternity forms)

Cure Psychic: Psychic Wand!

(Psychic Wand goes to Cure Psychic)

Cure Fire: Fire Wand!

(Fire Wand goes to Cure Fire)

Cure Electric: Electric Wand!

(Electric Wand goes to Cure Electric)

Cure Grass: Grass Wand!

(Grass Wand goes to Cure Grass)

Cure Water: Water Wand!

(Water Wand goes to Cure Water)

All: Pretty Cure, Extreme Elemental Eternity!!!

(They make a heart after they said the attack's name)

(Heart destroys a sochou)

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