Extreme Sky Lumiere (エクストリームスカイリュミエール Ekusutorīmu Sukai Ryumiēru) (Maximum Sky Lumiere in the English Dub) is Cure Sunburst and Cure Moonbeam's attack that they perform together in the Futari Wa Pretty Cure Sky Jewel season. It is one of the few ways to purify a Tsumi. Sunburst and Moonbeam can only perform this attack when they are together. Depending on the girls' feelings, the attack might be stronger or weaker, or not usable at all.


The girls have to shout the first part of the incantation, which makes the Cure Sky Sticks appear. The girls grab the Sticks, then throw them both in the sky. The girls then insert the Sunburst and Moonbeam Keys into the Jewel Communes, allowing them to transform into their Forever Forms. When the Sticks come back down, the girls catch the Sticks, and pose with them. They recite their own part of the incantation, and as the Keys start glowing, Cure Sunburst draws a miniature sun while Cure Moonbeam draws a miniature moon. The girls then swing the Sticks behind them, and point the Sticks at the target. They then shoot the miniature sun and moon towards the target, purifying it.



Both: 地球と空の魂は、私達にあなたの力を貸して!

Cure Sunburst: 豊富な勇気!

Cure Moonbeam: あふれ希望!

Both: プリキュアエクストリームスカイリュミエール!


Both: Chikyū to sora no tamashī wa, watashitachi ni anata no chikara o kashite!

Cure Sunburst: Hōfuna yūki!

Cure Moonbeam: Afure kibō!

Both: Purikyua Ekusutorīmu Sukai Ryumiēru!


Both: Spirits of the Earth and Sky, lend us your power!

Cure Sunburst: Abundant courage!

Cure Moonbeam: Overflowing hope!

Both: Pretty Cure Extreme Sky Lumiere!

English Dub

Both: Heart of the Earth, Heart of the Sky, give us your power!

Cure Sunburst: Amazing courage!

Cure Moonbeam: Unlimited hope!

Both: Pretty Cure Maximum Sky Lumiere!




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