Here the transcript of the Episode 1 of the series Fairyland Pretty Cure!


(Opening Plays)

Himura Akemi:My name is Himura Akemi, I am a 13-years old girl as well as Student Council President of the Hino Academy.

Himura Hinata:Akemi, don't forget your Bentō

Himura Akemi:Don't will mother! Thanks *Kiss Hinata's cheek*, Bye Bye!

Himura Akemi:My life can't be better, ouch!

(Two strange creatures accidentally bump into Akemi)

Himura Akemi:Oh my god! Sorry cute creatures! *Hug both the fairy*

Hope:Please! let us go!

Dream:I love hugs!

Himura Akemi:Oh, I will late for class. *Drop both the fairy and run*

(While Akemi is run, she realize that the fairy are taking, she say that this not is important now)

Asami Shimoda:Hey Akemi! You almost later for the class, as usual.

Himura Akemi:Sorry, Shimoda-chan! Now we need to run if we want to arrive on time. *grabs the Shimoda's arm and drags her to the class*


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