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This page consists of episodes for Floretta Pretty Cure!

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Shine! The legend of creativity!
輝く! 創造性の伝説!
"Kagayaku! Sōzō-sei no densetsu!"
Noir 10-02-2018
As Hanayama Iris is walking home from school, she meets the flower fairy Phlox who tells Iris that she (Phlox) is searching for the legendary emotions Pretty Cure! Suddenly, a man called Noir suddenly appears! What will Iris and Phlox do?!
02 Best Friend! Identity Revelation!
親友! アイデンティティの啓示!
"Shin'yū! Aidentiti no keiji!"
Noir 17-02-2018
After Alani is saved from a Heartless by Cure Romatin, she starts wondering who Romatin is and why she saved her (Alani). The next day, Alani brings up Romatin to Iris at breaktime causing Iris to struggle to keep her mouth shut. But what will Iris do once Noir appears and summons a Heartless!?
03 Dream! I want to become a Pretty Cure!
夢! 私は、プリキュアになりたいです!
"Yume! Watashi wa, purikyua ni naritaidesu!"
Blanko 24-02-2018
Worrying about Iris after all the fights she has witnessed, Alani decides that she wants to become a Pretty Cure! But how will she without a Floretta Pen?
04 Miracle! The star of fascination!
奇跡! 魅力のスター!
"Kiseki! Miryoku no sutā!"
Blanko 03-03-2018
When Blanko attacks and Cure Romatin has a sprained ankle, Alani decides to stand up for friend! Will Alani finally become a Pretty Cure?!
05 Wish! The wave of trust!
ウィッシュ! 信頼の波!
"U~isshu! Shinrai no nami!"
Iris and Alani are searching for the Pretty Cure of trust, water and wishes only to bump into Aozora Mizu, Tri-Bloom Academy's sports star. Suddenly, twins Rojo ad Cremesi attack and summon a Heartless causing Iris and Alani to transform into Romatin and Aloe! What will Mizu do when the two are almost unconcious!?
06 Fantasy! The flower of kindness!
ファンタジー! 優しさの花!
"Fantajī! Yasashi-sa no hana!"
Giallo 17-03-2018
When Harukaze Sakura witnesses Iris, Alani and Mizu transform and fight a Heartless, Sakura decides to help them but how? But what happens once Giallo appears and Romatin, Aloe and Myrtille need help?
07 Soar! Floretta Pretty Cure!
盛り上がろう! フロレッタプリキュア!
"Moriagarou! Furorettapurikyua!"
Noir 24-03-2018
The 4 Pretty Cure are finally together! But when Noir attacks while the 4 are looking for a base to have meetings, what will they do!?
08 Mysterious Pretty Cure! Cure Innocente appears!
"Shinpi-tekina purikyua! Kyua inosente ga tōjō!"
Olive 31-03-2018
When Cure Romatin, Aloe, Myrtille and Primavera are in trouble; they are saved a mysterious Pretty Cure! Determined to discover who this mysterious Pretty Cure, Iris starts researching about her only to discover that her name is Cure Innocente! Will the 4 ever discover who Cure Innocente is?
09 Sleepover! The Power of Dreams!
眠り! 夢の力!
"Nemuri! Yume no Chikara!"
Naranja 07-04-2018
The girls are having a sleepover! But what happens when Naranja appears, traps the 4 in the same dream and summons a Heartless!?
10 Iris' big challenge! Student Council President!
アイリスの大きな挑戦! 生徒会長!
"Airisu no ōkina chōsen! Seito kaichō!"
Blanko 14-04-2018
It's time to decide who the Student Council President will be! And Iris decides to run but how will go up against the current president, Akita Serena?! Especially when Blanko appears and transforms the vice president into a Heartless.
11 Cure Romatin and Yume! The Miracle of Sisters!
キュアロマティンと夢! 姉妹の奇跡!
"Kyuaromatin to yume! Shimai no kiseki!"
Naranja 21-04-2018
Yume is determined to discover Iris' secret! And while Iris is out, Yume sneaks into her room and finds her Floretta Pen! But what happens when Iris comes back and Naranja attacks?!
12 Secret Revealed! Cure Innocente is who...?!
秘密明らかに! キュア・イノセンテは誰ですか?
"Himitsu akiraka ni! Kyua inosente wa daredesu ka?"
When Iris is too determined to discover who Cure Innocente, a young 11 year old girl tells her that the answer will be hard to find. Taking that advice, Iris transforms into Cure Romatin to search for Cure Innocente and takes off but quickly bumps into Rojo and Cremesi. After Romatin is beaten up by their Heartless, the young girl appears once again a transforms into Cure Innocente!
13 The kindness of hope! Sakura's Write Up!
希望の優しさ! さくらの書き込み!
"Kibō no yasashi-sa! Sakura no kakikomi!"
14 Soccer Match! Mizu's struggles!
サッカー試合! 水の闘争!
"Sakkā shiai! Mizu no tōsō!"
Azure 12-05-2018
15 What's my dream! Alani's Search!
私の夢は何ですか? アラニの検索!
"Watashinoyume wa nanidesu ka? Arani no kensaku!"
Naranja 19-05-2018
16 Moumoon vs Iris! Iris' Song!
"Mūmūn tai Airisu! Airisu no uta!"
Cure Ciara 26-05-2018
17 Heart of Ruby! Akari's choice!
ルビーの心! あかりの選択!
"Rubī no kokoro! Akari no sentaku!"
Naranja 02-06-2018
The 4 girls meet Akari during a trip to the shops. Akari explains how she became Cure Innocente. Suddenly, Naranja appears and transports the 5 to another world whilst he transforms into his monstrous form. The 5 transform and start battling Naranja! What happens next?!
18 Naranaja and Aloe! The First Star!
フロラティナに! ナランジャとアロエ! 最初のスター!
"Naranja to aroe! Saisho no sutā!"
Naranja 09-06-2018
19 Rojo and Cremesi! Day with the Pretty Cure!
ロホとクレメシ! プリキュアとの一日!
"Roho to kuremeshi! Purikyua to no tsuitachi!"
20 Dark Creation! Save Romatin!
暗い創造! ロマティンを救う!
"Kurai sōzō! Romatin o sukuu!"
Azure 23-06-2018
21 Beautiful Miraculous! Cure Ciara and the Floretta Pen!
美しい奇跡! キュアセアラとフロレッタペン!
"Utsukushī kiseki! Kyuashiara to furorettapen!"
Cure Ciara
22 Past Revealed! The Story of Cure Ciara!
過去明らかに! キュアシアラの物語!
"Kako akiraka ni! Kyuashiara no monogatari!"
Cure Ciara 07-07-2018
23 Promise! Cure Ciara and Romatin!
"Puromisu! Kyuashiara to romatin!"
Cure Ciara 14-07-2018
24 Redemption! The Emotion of the Yellow Flower! Cure Vivid is Born!
償還! 黄色の花の感情! キュアビビットが誕生!
"Shōkan! Kiiro no hana no kanjō! Kyuabibitto ga tanjō!"
Noir 21-07-2018
25 School Blues! Kiiroi's First Day, First Troubles!
学校のブルース! 黄色いの最初の日、最初のトラブル!
"Gakkō no burūsu! Kiiroi no saisho no hi, saisho no toraburu!"
Azure 28-07-2018
26 Fashion Show! Alani's Time to Shine!
"Fasshonshō! Aranī no kagayaku jikan!"
Giallo 04-08-2018
In order to celebrate Chinatsu Kiseki's birthday, Alani decides to host a fashion show with her own designs. However, as she designs and makes the dresses based off of her friend, she develops terrible insomnia and refuses to have her friends help, making them worried. Will Alani allow her friends to help, or will the fashion show end up a disaster?
27 Unbelievable! Kiiroi is Tulip's younger sister!
ありえなーい! 黄色いはチューリップの妹です!
"Arienāi! Kiiroi wa chūrippu no imōtodesu!"
Tenebris 11-08-2018
When the girls pay a visit to Floratina to see how the repairs for the country are going, Kiiroi starts to feel regretful about what happened. Tulip then rushes over to Kiiroi and starts to hug her, calling her "little sister". Kiiroi and Tulip then tell the girls that they are actually sisters, leaving the other 5 surprised.
28 DATE! Sakura's first love!
DATE! さくらの最初の愛!
"Dēto! Sakura no saisho no ai!"
Blanko 11-08-2018
As the girls are eating their lunch at school, Fuchigami Mikio comes up to Sakura and gives her a bouquet of flowers while also asking her if they could go on a date. Surpised, Sakura shyly agrees and tells him that they'll meet at the amusement park after school. But what happens when Blanko attacks and summons a Heartless after getting powered up by Tenebris?!

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