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Flower Precure OP/ED single 1 ~Let's Go! Flower Precure/Ima Koko Kara~ (フラワープリキュアOPは/ EDシングル1〜レッツゴー!フラワープリキュア/いまココカラ〜 Furawāpurikyua OP/ED shinguru 1 〜 rettsugō! Furawāpurikyua/ ima kokokara 〜) is the first Opening and Ending album for Flower Precure. This album has both an English and Japanese dub due to Flower having both an English andJapanese dub.

CD.1 (Japanese)

  1. Let's go! Flower Precure!
  2. Ima Koko Kara
  3. Let's go! Flower Precure! (Instrumental)
  4. Ima Koko Kara (Instumental)

CD.2 (English)

  1. Let's go! Flower Precure!
  2. Right here, Right now
  3. Let's go! Flower Precure! (Instrumental)
  4. Right here, Right now (Instumental)

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