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This is a list of Flower Precure episodes.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
FoPC01 The pink flower of love! Cure Tulip is born!
"Ai no Pinku no Hana! Kyua Chūrippu ga Tanjō!"
Sirena 05-02-2017
13 years after the Flower Kingdom was invaded by the Flower Destroyers, Daisy is tasked to find three things: the Missing Princess, the Flower Jewel and the remaining Precure after Cure Lilac was defeated by Sirena. On Earth, May Richards is watering the flowers in her backyard. Her best friend, Stella Davis, then appears and asks May to help her do her homework. As Stella goes inside of May's house to set her homework up, Daisy crashes into May's face. Sirena appears and transforms Stella into a Petaltrian! Will May be able to save her friend before Stella stays like that forever?
FoPC02 Ahh! Cure Tulip's identity is revealed!
"Ā! Kyua Chūrippu no Aidentiti wo Arawashita!"
Sirena 12-02-2017
After Cure Tulip saves her from a Petaltrian, Stella starts to wonder who Cure Tulip is and why she (Cure Tulip) saved her. The next day, Stella tells May about how Tulip saved her the previous day causing May to hide behind a tree. May is then given the choice to tell her best friend or keep it a secret from Stella. That is then Sirena appears and transforms a 12-year old girl into a Petaltrian. Will May reveal that she's Cure Tulip or will she keep it a secret?
FoPC03 The blue flower of courage! Cure Bluebell is born!
"Yūki no Aoi Hana! Kyua Burūberu ga Tanjō!"
Sirena 19-02-2017
FoPC04 The Yellow flower of hope! Cure Daffodil is born!
"Go kibō no kiiro no hana! Kyuadaffodiru ga Tanjō!"
Sirena 26-02-2017
FoPC05 The mysterious new student, Cure Lilac returns|
"Shinpi-tekina atarashī gakusei, kyuarairakku modorimasu!"
Miss Glamour 12-03-2017
FoPC06 What?! Hana's Cure Lilac!
"Nani? ! Hana no kyuarairakku!"
Miss Glamour 19-03-2017
FoPC07 With the love and hope of all flowers! Flower Precure altogether!
"Subete no hana no ai to kibō o mochimasu! Furawāpurikyua kanzen ni!"
Sirena 26-03-2017
FoPC08 Born from the colours of the flowers! The Rainbow Ribbon!
"Hana no iro kara umaremashita! Reinbōribon!"
Miss Glamour 05-04-2017
FoPC09 What?! Miss Glamour is who...!
"Nani? ! Misu guramā ga darena no ka... !"
Miss Glamour 12-03-2017
FoPC10 Sakura's underwater adventure! Pt.1
さくらの水中冒険! Pt.1
"Sakura no suichū bōken! Pt. 1"
Sirena 19-03-2017
FoPC11 Sakura's underwater adventure! Pt.2
さくらの水中冒険! Pt.2
"Sakura no suichū bōken! Pt. 2"
Sirena 19-03-2017
FoPC12 Sparkling Bright! Sakura's dream!
"Supākuringu akarui! Sakura no yume!"
Sirena 26-03-2017
FoPC13 What?! We're going to the Flower Kingdom!
"Supākuringu akarui! Sakura no yume!"
Iris 26-03-2017
FoPC14 Arienai! Sirena's my sister!
"Ariena ̄ i! Sairīna wa watashi imōto!"
Sirena 26-03-2017
FoPC15 Sirena, let my harmony reach you!
"Sairīna, watashi no hāmonī anata ni tasshimashou!"
Sirena 26-03-2017
FoPC16 Sirena's last stand
Sirena 26-03-2017
FoPC17 The orange flower of the heart's melody! Cure Marigold is born!
"Kokoro no merodī no orenji-iro no hana! Kyuamarīgōrudo tanjō!"
Monsieur Olivier 26-03-2017
FoPC18 The heart-breaking truth of Sakura!
"Sakura no hitsūna shinjitsu!"
Monsieur Olivier 26-03-2017
FoPC19 King Tempête and Sakura! The connection!
"Kingutempute to sakura! Konekushon!"
King Tempête 26-03-2017
FPC20 Mom and Sakura! The loving harmony!
"Mama to sakura! Aijō no hāmonī!"
Iris 26-03-2017
FPC21 The red flower of memories! Cure Poppy is Born!
"Omoide no akai hana! Kyuapopī tanjō!"
Iris 26-03-2017

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