Flower Precure the Movie: Journey in the Kingdom of Dreams
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Furawāpurikyua eiga: Jānī yume no ōkoku!
Flower Precure the Movie: Journey in the Kingdom of Dreams!
General Information
Created on29/04/16
Art DesignHickmanm
Movie Info
SeriesFlower Precure
OpeningLet's go! Flower Precure (movie size)
InsertDreaming Harmony
EndingGanbalance de Dance ~Flower Relay~
Furawāpurikyua eiga: Jānī yume no ōkoku! (フラワープリキュア映画:ジャーニー夢の王国! Flower Precure the Movie: Journey in the Kingdom of Dreams!) is the main movie for Flower Precure. It features Cure Marigold, Cure Poppy and Cure Clover's first movie appearance.


When the Cures participate in a festival in Starlight Hills; they meet the Princess of the Kingdom of Dreams, Princess Yume who says that her kingdom in in danger and needs the Precure to save it. The cures agree and enter the portal. Will the girls be able to save the Kingdom of Dreams before it's too late?



May Richards/Cure Tulip

Stella Davis/Cure Bluebell

Natalie Hill/Cure Daffodil

Jessica Dixon/Cure Lilac

Serena Richards/Cure Marigold

Olivia Smith/Cure Poppy

Daisy/Cure Clover




Movie Characters

Princess Yume


Supporting Characters

Melanie Richards

Autumn Richards

April Richards


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