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Ai no Pinku no Hana! Kyua Chūrippu ga Tanjō!
Flower Precure episode 01
The Pink Flower of Love, Cure Tulip!
"The Pink Flower of Love! Cure Tulip is Born!"
Air date 05/02/17
Episode Guide
Opening Let's go! Flower Precure!
Ending Ima Koko Kara
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki
Animated by Chinatsu Kiseki
Art design by Chinatsu Kiseki
The pink flower of love! Cure Tulip is born! is the first episode of Flower Precure. This episode focuses on May becoming Cure Tulip for the first time.


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The episode starts off with May telling the audience about what happened 13 years ago in the Flower Kingdom where the opening then plays.

After the opening plays, May tells the audience what happens 13 years after the invasion of the Flower Kingdom, where Spring (Jessica Dixon) became a Precure known as Cure Lilac. Spring was then called to the palace so the Flower Queen could talk to her. When Spring arrived in the throne room, the Queen asked Spring to do her a favour: To find the remaining Precure, the missing princess and the Flower Jewel.

After Spring accepts, hundreds of Petaltrians flowed into the Palace causing Spring to transform into Cure Lilac and purify them. Sirena then appears and they both go head to head with Sirena as the winner. Lilac then tells the cat-like fairy Daisy to go to Earth find the three things the queen required. Daisy then heads off to Earth.

On Earth, a girl named May is watering her flowers and her best friend, Stella, shows up and asks May to help her with her homework. After Stella enters the house, Daisy crashes into May’s face and apologises for it. Sirena then appears in the sky and transforms Stella into a Petaltrian, which causes May to cry. After May stops crying and stands up for her friend; she then transforms into the pink flower of love, Cure Tulip!

After the Petaltrian is purified, Tulip reverts back to her original form and Stella wakes up making May relieved. When Stella completes her homework and leaves May’s house, May asks Daisy what exactly happened and Daisy tells her that she transformed into one of the legendary warriors known as Precure.

After that, Daisy senses another Petaltrian and the two head to where the Petaltrian is. Stella is then found cornered by a Petaltrian.

Major Events

  • This episode marks the starts of Flower Precure
  • May makes her first appearance as well as transforming into Cure Tulip for the first time
  • Daisy makes her first appearance
  • Spring makes her first appearance as well as Cure Lilac
  • The Flower Queen makes her first appearance
  • Sirena makes her first appearance
  • The Petaltrian makes its first appearance
  • Stella makes her first appearance
  • Melanie Richards makes her first appearance



May Richards

Spring/Cure Lilac

Stella Davis






Supporting Characters

Melanie Richards

Autumn Richards


  • May sings the opening
  • Just like all the lead cures before her, May freaks out when she hears Daisy talk
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