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Ā! Kyua Chūrippu no Aidentiti wo Arawashita!
Flower Precure episode 02
"Ahh! Cure Tulip's identity is revealed!"
Air date 12/02/2017
Episode Guide
Opening Let's go! Flower Precure!
Ending Ima Koko Kara
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki
Animated by Chinatsu Kiseki
Art design by Chinatsu Kiseki

Ahh! Cure Tulip's identity, revealed! is the second episode of Flower Precure. It focuses on May Richards revealing her identity to Stella Davis.


The episode starts off with Stella being cornered by a Petaltrian. In the background, Stella hears ‘Precure Flower Shower’ and May, as Cure Tulip, appears and purifies the Petaltrian. Stella asks who she is and Cure Tulip says ‘The pink flower of love, Cure Tulip’, Tulip then disappears in a curtain of pink petals. Stella then starts wondering who Cure Tulip is and why she helped her. The opening then plays.

The next day, while walking to school, May and Stella meet each other and Stella brings up how Cure Tulip saved her the previous day which made May hide behind a tree. Stella then notices that May’s gone somewhere, making her suspicious that May is hiding something. Behind the tree, May takes Daisy out of her bag and starts talking to her. Daisy told May to tell Stella that she was Cure Tulip. Stella finds May and as May prepared to tell her that she was Cure Tulip, Sirena appears and transformed a 12-year old girl into a Petaltrian.Everyone flees into the school but May and Stella stay outside. Stella kicks a soccer ball at the Petaltrian but it does nothing. Suddenly, May jumps in front of Stella and brings out her Flower Ribbon. Stella asks what the Ribbon was and May says ‘my transformation item’.</p>

May then transforms into Cure Tulip which surprises Stella. Willing to help, Stella tries to hurt the Petaltrian by kicking it however Daisy stops her and tells her not to interfere with the fight. In the building, the teachers and other students watch Tulip battling the Petaltrian. Daisy explains that Tulip is trying to stop the Flower Destroyers from covering the world in despair as Tulip purifies the Petaltrian with Tulip Tornado and reverts back to her civilian form. Sirena then tells May she’ll be back again and disappears.

As all the damage restores to normal, May and Stella enter the school and all the teachers start murmuring about Tulip and how she stopped the Petaltrian. After school, May and Stella go to May’s house and talk about how May became Cure Tulip. May explains that Stella became a Petaltrian and that she became a Precure to protect Stella. The ending then plays and the preview plays for the next episode.

Major Events

  • May reveals her identity to Stella



May Richards/Cure Tulip

Stella Davis






Supporting Characters

Melanie Richards

Autumn Richards

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