This is a category listing the episodes for Forever Candy Pretty Cure♪.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 The Arrival of Hope! Cure Chocolate's Birth!
"Kibō no tōchaku! Kyua Chokorēto no tanjō!"
Hokai February 1, 2023
Himura Nana is a girl who is kind and friendly, and loves to work at her father's sweet shop, Himura Sweets. One day, she meets a mysterious girl who delivers a warning about a danger that will soon come. As Nana ponders about this, she sees a man named Hokai create a monster called a Kudo! What will Nana do to restore the peace of Ongaku City?
02 The Mysterious Cure! Who Is Cure Vanilla?
"Nazo no kyua! Kyua Banira wa daredesu ka?"
Hokai February 8, 2023

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