Four Season Heart Attack (フォーシーズンハートアタック Fō Shīzun Hāto Atakku) is the first group purification attack that the Season Heart! Cures use. To use it, the Cures need Bloom to produce the Flower, Sun, Wind and Snow Earth Crystals, which they have to insert in their Season Wands. This attack was first shown in Episode 16, and is capable of purifying a Hidoi, a person from the Dusk Area and a whole area around them.


Bloom shouts out a summoning incantation, which creates the four Earth Crystals. Cure Tulip flies towards the Flower Crystal and inserts the Crystal into her Flower Sceptre. Cure Flame flies towards the Sun Crystal and inserts the Crystal into her Sun Stick. Cure Maple flies towards the Wind Crystal and inserts the Crystal into her Wind Rod. Cure Snowflake flies towards the Snow Crystal and inserts the Crystal into her Snow Sword.

The Cures raise their Season Wands to the air, and the Crystals start to glow. Cure Tulip shouts her line, and the other Cures shout theirs. While saying 'Pretty Cure Four Season Heart Attack!', they draw a rainbow which flies straight at the enemy. They wave their Season Wands around to purify the enemy. The Cures then bow after the attack.



Bloom: 魔法地球結晶は、プリキュア力を付与します!

Cure Tulip: フラワークリスタル!

Cure Flame: サンクリスタル!

Cure Maple: ウインドクリスタル!

Cure Snowflake: スノークリスタル!

Cure Tulip: 四季の力は団結します!

Cure Flame, Maple and Snowflake: 4魂、愛に溢れ!

All: プリキュアフォーシーズンハートアタック!


Bloom: Mahō chikyū kesshō wa, purikyua ryoku o fuyo shimasu!

Cure Tulip: Furawā Kurisutaru!

Cure Flame: San Kurisutaru!

Cure Maple: U~indo Kurisutaru!

Cure Snowflake: Sunō Kurisutaru!

Cure Tulip: Shiki no chikara wa danketsu shimasu!

Cure Flame, Maple and Snowflake: Danketsu tamashī, ai ni afure!

All: Purikyua Fō Shīzun Hāto Atakku!

Literal Translation

Bloom: Magical Earth Crystals, grant the Pretty Cure power!

Cure Tulip: Flower Crystal!

Cure Flame: Sun Crystal!

Cure Maple: Wind Crystal!

Cure Snowflake: Snow Crystal!

Cure Tulip: The power of four seasons unite!

Cure Flame, Maple and Snowflake: The four souls, overflowing with love!

All: Pretty Cure Four Season Heart Attack!




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