Four Season Instruments
Fō Shīzun Insutsurumentsu
UsageTo perform new attacks
OwnerThe Season Heart Pretty Cure! team
AbilitiesSpring Flower Shining Summer Sun Burning Autumn Wind Blowing Winter Snow Freezing Starlight Bright Growing
Group AttackHoly Season Lucky Finale
The Four Season Instruments (フォーシーズンインスツルメンツ Fō Shīzun Insutsurumentsu) are devices in Season Heart Pretty Cure! that are used to help the Cures perform their second attacks. They are also the upgraded version of the Four Season Wands. When a Cure wants to summon their instrument, they need to take their Season Heart Palette and spin their make-up pen on the spinning disc and shout their summoning incantation. The names of these Season Instruments are as follows:
  • Blooming Spring Flute (ブルーミング春フルート Burūmingu Suparingu Furūto): Cure Tulip's weapon, which is shaped like a white flute which has rainbow-coloured finger parts, and has a pink flower adornment at the top and a blow piece at the bottom. It is also entwined with green vines.
  • Glittering Summer Tambourine (グリッターしいサマータンバリン Gurittāingu Samā Tanborin): Cure Flame's weapon, which is a white tambourine which has cymbals shaped like yellow suns, and has orange ribbons circling it.
  • Shining Autumn Clarinet (秋シャイニングクラリネット Shainingu A~utumu Kurarinetto): Cure Maple's weapon, which is shaped like a white clarinet which has rainbow-coloured finger parts, and has a red leaf adornment at the bottom and a blow piece at the top. It is decorated with branches that have green leaves on it.
  • Sparkling Winter Violin (スパークリングウィンターバイオリン Supākuringu U~intā Baiorin): Cure Snowflake's weapon. It is shaped like a blue violin which has rainbow-coloured strings on both the bow and violin itself, and has a white snowflake adornment at the top. Its bow is made of icicles.
  • Radiant Universe Trumpet (ラディアントユニバーストランペット Radianto Yunibāsu Toranpetto): Cure Starlight's weapon. It is shaped like a purple trumpet which has rainbow-coloured finger parts, and has a green and blue Earth adornment at the bottom and a blow piece at the top. It is decorated with flowers.

Summoning Incantations

Blooming Spring Flute: "The melody of Spring has spread to stamp out the despair! Blooming Spring Flute!" (春のメロディーは、絶望を根絶するために広がっています!ブルーミング春フルート! Haru no merodī wa, zetsubō o konzetsu suru tame ni hirogatte imasu! Burūmingu Suparingu Furūto!)

Glittering Summer Tambourine: "The beat of Summer has reached to crush the hatred! Glittering Summer Tambourine!" (夏のビートは、憎悪を鎮圧するに達しています!グリッターしいサマータンバリン! Natsu no bīto wa, zōo o chin'atsu suru ni tasshite imasu! Gurittāingu Samā Tanborin!)

Shining Autumn Clarinet: "The song of Autumn has arrived to destroy the selfishness! Shining Autumn Clarinet! (秋の歌は利己主義を破壊するために到着しました!秋シャイニングクラリネット! Aki no uta wa riko shugi o hakai suru tame ni tōchaku shimashita! Shainingu A~utumu Kurarinetto!)

Sparkling Winter Violin: "The harmony of Winter has appeared to expel the discord! Sparkling Winter Violin! (冬の調和が不和を追放するために登場しました!スパークリングウィンターバイオリン! Fuyu no chōwa ga fuwa o tsuihō suru tame ni tōjō shimashita! Supākuringu U~intā Baiorin!)

Radiant Universe Trumpet: "The rhythm of the Universe has come to force out the distress! Radiant Universe Trumpet! (宇宙のリズムが苦痛を強制的になってきました!ラディアントユニバーストランペット!Uchū no rizumu ga kutsū o kyōsei-teki ni natte kimashita! Radianto Yunibāsu Toranpetto)



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