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Fruit Precure
General Information
Director(s)Chinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongJuicy Stars! Fruit Precure!
Ending SongLiving with Love (1-24)
Series Info
PredecessorFutari wa Pretty Cure Dream Heart
SuccessorBlooming Heartcatch Precure
Fruit Precure is the sixth fan-series created by hickmanm. The series motifs are fruit and happiness.




Mirai Ichigo/Cure Strawb - Ichigo is a calm 15-year old girl who cares for other people a lot. She is very smart and gets the highest grades in her class. Her Cure-alter ego is Cure Strawb, the pink fruit of love and her theme colour is pink.

Kita Momo/Cure Blueberry - Momo is an energetic 15-year old who isn't that good at studying and always needs Ichigo's help. Her Cure alter ego is Cure Blueberry, the blue fruit of hope and her theme colour is blue.

Mirai Hana/Cure Pineapple - Hana is a calm 13-year old who is Ichigo's sister. Like Ichigo, she is very smart but she rarely gets high grades because she rarely studies. Her cure alter ego is Cure Pineapple, the yellow fruit of the future and her theme colour is yellow.

Hoshina Ai/Cure Cherry - Ai is a mysterious girl who is actually the missing princess of the Fruit Kingdom. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Cherry, the red fruit of the stars and her theme colour is red.


Orange - The main mascot of the season. Orange is very energetic and sweet however she is sometimes unhelpful because she forgets stuff.

Apple - Orange's little sister. Unlike Orange, she is shy and calm plus being very helpful when Orange forgets stuff



Fruit Compact (Fruit Pact) - The transformation item.