Fujimura Nagisa
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Fujimura Nagisa
Fujimura Nagisa
Fujimura Nagisa
Personal Info
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

Futari wa Pretty Cure Dream Heart


Magical Girl

Age14 (FwPC)

15 (FwPC MH) 38

Birthday10th October
Hair ColorGinger
Eye ColorBrown
FamilyFujimura Sakura (daughter)

Fujimura Shougo (husband) Misumi Ryouta (Younger brother) Misumi Rie (mother) Misumi Tekeshi (father)

Home PlaceGarden of Rainbows
Voice Actor(s)Honna Yoko (Japanese)

Rocio Baranona (English)

Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Black

Fujimura Nagisa (藤村渚 Fujimura Nagisa) (Natalie Ferguson in the English dub) is the mother of Fujimura Sakura, the lead cure of Futari wa Pretty Cure Dream Heart. She is one on the previous Precure known as Cure Black. In episode 25, she reunites with Mepple and becomes Cure Black again. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Black.


Nagisa has long brown/ginger hair and is normally seen wearing a black and pink hoodie due to being a PE teacher at Verone Academy.

In Dream Heart, Black's hair grows longer and turns a lighter shade of ginger while she regains her midriff baring top.

Cure Black

"Emissary of light, Cure Black!"
Hikari no shisha, Kyua Burakku!

Cure Black is Nagisa's alter ego. In this form she is more serious and stronger