Fujimura Sakura
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Fujimura Sakura2
Fujimura Sakura
Fujimura Sakura
Personal Info
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Dream Heart

Magical Girl

Birthday9th September
Hair ColorBrown (Sakura)

Pink (Cure Starlight)

Eye ColorPurple (Sakura)

Magenta (Cure Starlight)

FamilyFujimura Nagisa (Mother)

Fujimura Shougo (Father)

Fujimura Mirai (Younger sister)

Home PlaceGarden of Rainbows
First AppearanceFwPCDH01
Voice Actor(s)Nabatame Hitomi (Japanese)

Tara Strong (English)

Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Starlight

Radiant Starlight (upgrade)



Theme ColorPink (Main)

Purple (sub)

Fujimura Sakura (藤村さくら Fujimura Sakura) (Blossom Ferguson in the english dub) is the lead cure of Futari wa Pretty Cure Dream Heart. Unlike her mother, Fujimura Nagisa (Misumi Nagisa), she is smart and not very good at sports no matter how much her mom teaches her. Her alter-ego is Cure Starlight (キュアスターライト Kyuasutāraito), whose theme colour is pink and represents the stars and hope. She is also the student council president of her school, Verone Academy even though she just joined the school. She dreams of becoming a nurse or a teacher


Sakura is calm and smart however, she is shy. In class, she shows she has great intelligence after helping Ai with a question in maths.

As Starlight, she is more confident and serious.


As Sakura

She has long, brown hair tied up in a ponytail using a pink bobble. She is normally seen wearing a pink long sleeve top and purple glasses with light purple leggings and pink flats.

As Cure Starlight




Yukishiro Ai - Even though they are total opposites, they still get along like their parents did. Sakura is shown to help Ai in lessons such as Maths and Science.

Kujou Stella - Due to Stella being the Princess of the Garden of Light, Sakura shows great respect to her.

Odajima Haruka - Sakura met Haruka in the library. After that meeting, the two have been good friends.


Fujimura Nagisa - Sakura has a strong relationship with her mother. After she learn't that Nagisa was Cure Black, Nagisa started to train Sakura, Ai and Stella to fight Princess Twilight. She was the one who chose Sakura's name.

Fujimura Shougo - As her father, he cares about Sakura a lot. He knows that Sakura, Ai and Stella are Precure and supports them in anyway possible.

Fujimura Mirai - Sakura's little sister. They have a good relationship and never fight.

Cure Starlight

"The light of the shimmering stars! Cure Starlight!"
きらめく星の光!キュアスターライト !
Kirameku hoshi no hikari! Kyuasutāraito!

Cure Starlight (キュアスターライト Kyuasutāraito) is Sakura's alter ego. In this form, she is more confident and serious. To transform, she must be with Ai and shout 'Dual Rainbow Dream Wave' however in one episode, when Ai was ill, she could transform by herself.

Radiant Starlight

"The shimmering stars glistening with Radiant Hope! Radiant Starlight!"
Kirameku hoshi wa radianto hōpu de kagayakimasu! Radiansutāraito!

Radiant Starlight (ラディアンスターライト Radiansutāraito) is Cure Starlight's powered form in the final episodes when she, Cure Supernova and Shining Star face Princess Twilight for the final time. In this form, with Hyper Supernova and Glistening Star, she can perform Sparkling Heart Harmony.


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  • She is rumoured to be smarter than her parents throughout Verone Academy
  • She shares her voice actress with Aida Mana
  • She also shares her English voice actress with Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; they also share some similarities:
    • Cure Starlight has a similar name to her (Twilight and Starlight)
    • They are both the smartest in their team
    • They both have purple as a theme colour (sub in Sakura's case)