Yukishiro Ai - Even though they are total opposites, they still get along like their parents did. Sakura is shown to help Ai in lessons such as Maths and Science.

Kujou Stella - Due to Stella being the Princess of the Garden of Light, Sakura shows great respect to her.

Odajima Haruka - Sakura met Haruka in the library. After that meeting, the two have been good friends.


Fujimura Nagisa - Sakura has a strong relationship with her mother. After she learn't that Nagisa was Cure Black, Nagisa started to train Sakura, Ai and Stella to fight Princess Twilight. She was the one who chose Sakura's name.

Fujimura Shougo - As her father, he cares about Sakura a lot. He knows that Sakura, Ai and Stella are Precure and supports them in anyway possible.

Fujimura Mirai - Sakura's little sister. They have a good relationship and never fight.

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