Fujiwara Hibiki
Fujiwara Hibiki
Personal Info
NameFujiwara "Sara" Hibiki
BirthdayJuly 12th
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown with blonde streaks
Director Info
Debut SeasonCosmic☆Star Pretty Cure!
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi, Hibiki Anime
Fujiwara Hibiki (藤原ひびき Fujiwara Hibiki?) is a director in the Pretty Cure franchise, most known for Cosmic☆Star Pretty Cure!. She is known to make some seasons, maybe a little bit more than others.

Pretty Cure Season

Season Run Theme
Cosmic☆Star Pretty Cure! February 7, 2016 Space, Stars


Fujiwara (藤原?) - Fuji (?) means 'wisteria' while Wara (?) means 'plain'. Together, Fujiwara means 'Wisteria Plain'.

Hibiki (ひびき?) - Hibiki (?) means either 'echo' or 'sound'.

Sara (サラ?) is basically the way Japanese people say "Sarah" in Japanese. "Sarah" is in fact, Hibiki's real middle name.


  • The surname Fujiwara is one of Hibiki's favourite surnames because it is similar to her real surname and has a similar meaning.
  • She is known as CureHibiki on wikia.