Fukui Emiko
Fukui Emiko
Heartful Shine Pretty Cure
Personal Info
BirthdayJanuary 8th, 2000
Blood TypeO-
Hair ColorOrange (Emiko)

Bright Yellow (Cure Fantasy)

Eye ColorGolden
FamilyFukui Akemi (mother, deceased), Fukui Akihiko (father), Fukui Hikari (step-mother), Fukui Daisuke (younger half-brother), Fukui Taro (older brother)
Home PlaceOsaka
First AppearanceHSPC01
Voice ActressSola Aoi
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Fantasy
PowersHappiness & Thunder
ItemsThe Happy Sword
Theme ColorYellow

Fukui Emiko (福井恵美子 Fukui Emiko) is one of the main Cures in Heartful Shine Pretty Cure. She is excitable and loves to have fun, and thinks that you can't have too much of it. Despite her kindness, she doesn't like to fight people's fights (example: she just watched at Tachibana Chiharu bullied Akiyama Akiko). It is also seen that she is a good artist. Emiko's alter ego is Cure Fantasy (キュアファンタジー Kyua Fantaji), the Pretty Cure of Happiness. Her catchphrase is Turn that frown upside-down! (その顔をしかめのを裏返し!Sono kao o shikame no o uragaeshi!)


Emiko has straight orange hair reaching to her shoulders and a fringe that covers her forehead. She has gold-coloured eyes. Her casual outfit consists dark blue denim skirt and a yellow t-shirt. She wears yellow school-like shoes and a yellow flower ring from her deceased mother, the supermodel Fukui Akemi.

As Cure Fantasy, Emiko's hair turns bright yellow and grows to her knees. She wears a large orange bow with a yellow star on it. She also wears her yellow Shining Heart Necklace. She wears a black vest with the Heart Symbol (a golden heart) and puffy white sleeves. She also wears a white belt. Her gloves are yellow that reaches up to her wrists and has flowers on them. Emiko's skirt is yellow and her boots are yellow with an orange lightning bolt on it. Gold earrings the shapes of crescent moons also appear.


Emiko is excitable and energetic with a love for parties. She is also said to throw the best parties. Emiko dreams of being an event organiser for events such as birthday parties and weddings. She is also very kind. Despite this, she doesn't like to fight other people's fight as she believes they can learn how to defend themselves. Soon Emiko develops another dream: to help Akiko, Chiharu, Nakamura Harumi and Yoshida Minako to save the world from the evil sorcerer Tatsuya.


Meeting Akiko and becoming the second target

Before Emiko first met Akiko, she was trying to convince Chiharu and Harumi that parties were better than sports. When she did meet Akiko, she loved her instantly, and wanted to become her friend. The girls quickly became best friends and hung out with each other every day. In Episode 2, Emiko was falling in despair because she didn't want to do her chores, so a villain named Shadow came along and stole her Heart Rainbow, turning it into a Sakebi. Luckily, Cure Legend came along and tried to defeat Emiko's Sakebi, but was soon pinned down. Chiharu soon became a Pretty Cure, Cure Miracle, and with her attack, Miracle Eruption, Emiko's Heart Rainbow returned to her body.

Akiko & Chiharu's friendship and becoming Cure Fantasy

In Episode 3, Akiko and Chiharu had soon became friends, and they were growing closer to each other every day, wanting to learn about each other. But Emiko grew jealous and full of anger because she thought that Akiko didn't want to be her friend anymore and was replacing her with someone popular (okay, Emiko is popular, but Chiharu is one of the most popular girls in school). What Emiko didn't know was that Akiko and Chiharu were observing every girl in school, including her, to find the third, fourth and fifth Pretty Cure. When a Sakebi attacked and Cure Legend and Cure Miracle were almost defeated, Emiko realised who they really were, and discovered that true happiness aren't from parties. They can even be found in the darkest of times. They can be found within a friend's love for you. Cure Legend said that everyone can have more that one friend, but one irreplaceable friend, and Cure Miracle adds that she and Cure Legend aren't the best of friends, they just wanted to get to know each other more. Suddenly, Emiko blurted out that she'd been having dreams about Cure Love, and a fairy named Chinatsu flew down to Emiko and started to glow, turning into a Shining Heart Necklace. This allowed Emiko the ability to transform into a Pretty Cure, the Pretty Cure of Happiness, Cure Fantasy. With her attack, Fantasy Hurricane, Cure Fantasy defeated the Sakebi and made the Heart Rainbow return to its owner.


Akiyama Akiko - Emiko and Akiko are best friends and teammates.

Chinatsu - Emiko's fairy partner. Ever since they met, Emiko and Chinatsu have been good friends.

Cure Fantasy

"The dream that shows the most perfect smile! Cure Fantasy!"
Mottomo kanpekina egao o shimeshite iru yume! Kyua Fantajī!

Cure Fantasy (キュアファンタジー Kyua Fantajī) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Emiko. She controls the power of thunder and ensures happiness in anyone's lives. She can transform by saying the phrase, "Pretty Cure! Shining Recall!" Her main attack is Fantasy Hurricane.


Fantasy Hurricane (ファンタジーハリケーン Fantajī Harikēn) is Cure Fantasy's main attack, which can be used by shouting a special phrase to activate it, "Your happiness shall be revived with my laughter!"


Fukui (福井): Fukui is a surname that means "fortunate."

Emiko (恵美子): Emi (エミ) means "blessing, beauty, favour" while Ko (こ) means "child."

So together, Fukui Emiko means either "fortunate blessing," "fortunate beautiful child" or "fortunate favourite child."


Emiko's voice actress, Sola Aoi, has participated in several character songs for the character she voices. Many of include duets with Haruka Ayase, the voice actress of Akiyama Akiko.





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Fukui Emiko

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