Ganbalance de Dance ~Flower Relay~
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May and Stella Ganbalance de Dance

May and Stella during the dance

Ganbalance de Dance ~Flower Relay~ (ガンバランスdeダンス~フラワーリレー~ Ganbalance de Dance ~Furawā Rirē~) is the second ending for Flower Precure. This song has got both an English and Japanese dub due to Flower Precure having an English and Japanese dub.



(Woo~~~ Bloom! Furawā! Purikyua!)

Tenohira taiyō mukete (go! go!)
Furifuri karada yusureba (Purikkyua~)
Hikari no shawā wo abite (go! go!)
Kyō mo ichinichi pikapika all right!

Jibun no yūki tateru saku ga dekinai "ima nani~?"
Hōhō kara hataraki OK! Iki wo fukatte "chotto hasuru!"

Se no tachiagatte hana ni naru
Hogaraka mankai itsu datte dare datte
Deribarī raburī♪ (go! go! go!)

Soshite ganbaransu de dansu (go! go!)
Sonde motte pureshā mo⇒sumairu (Furawā~)
Ai wo kome sora wo miage (go! go!)
Inochi no sodatsu kanjite~ oh! yes
Mirai ga blooming! Banji janpu suru~
Purikyua no mahō
☆happy coming☆Hey!

(Woo~~~ Bloom! フラワー!プリキュア!)

手のひら太陽向けて(go! go!)
光のシャワーを浴びて(go! go!)
今日も1日ぴかぴか all right!

自分の勇気建てる 咲くができない 「今何~?」

背の立ち上がって 花になる
ほがらか満開 いつだって 誰だって
デリバリーラブリー♪ (go! go! go!)

そしてガンバランスdeダンス(go! go!)
そんでもってプレシャーも⇒スマイル (フラワー〜)
愛をこめ空を見上げ(go! go!)
生命(いのち)の育つ感じて~oh! yes
未来がblooming! 万事ジャンプする~
☆happy coming☆ Hey!

(Woo~~~ Bloom! Flower! Pretty Cure!)
Raise your palms towards the sun (go! go!)
And swing your body from side to side (Pretty Cure~)
Bathe in the shower of light (go! go!)
You'll shine the brightest today too all right!

If you feel you can't bloom just build your courage "What now~?"
From the way you act it's OK! Take a deep breath and "Hustle a little!"

Stand up tall and become a flower
You'll be bright and in full bloom no matter when or who says so
Delivery lovely♪ (go! go! go!)

And dance the ganbalance (go! go!)
If you're pressured⇒smile (Flower~)
Gaze up at the sky with love (go! go!)
Feel the growth of life~ oh! yes
The future is blooming! Jump with everything you got~
The magic of Pretty Cure
☆happy coming☆ Hey!




  • This is the first ending since Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! to be Ganbalance de Dance.

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