Minako-san no namida! Sore wa kanojo no kakomashita . . .
Heartful Shine Pretty Cure episode 7
"Minako's Tears! That Was Her Past . . ."
Air date 2016-04-09
Episode Guide
Opening Happy Heartful Shine Pretty Cure
Ending My Sweet Heartful Shine
Directed by Kobayashi Tsubomi
Written by Kobayashi Tsubomi
Animated by Makoto Shinkai
Art design by Hayao Miyazaki
Minako's Tears! That Was Her Past . . . (美奈子さんの涙!それは彼女の過去ました。。。Minako-san no namida! Sore wa kanojo no kakomashita . . .) is the seventh episode of Heartful Shine Pretty Cure and is the 680th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The episode begins where we see the Cures and Yoshida Minako sitting together at Minako's apartment. From the previous episode, we have discovered that Minako is Cure Love, and she has agreed to tell the Cures her past and how the Shiny Rainbow Land got destroyed, and why the Cures had got the dreams from Cure Love. Minako told her story, and it seemed to be a sad story.

At the end, Minako started to cry, and said that she wanted to revive the Shiny Rainbow Land as soon as possible. Minako's fairy partner, Hana, also said that Minako wanted to do it herself. Akiko says that you can't do anything when you're alone, and asks if Minako could join the Heartful Shine Pretty Cure team.

Minako started to think about it, but before she could reply, Grey arrives and steals the Heart Rainbow off of a teenage boy who had been falling in despair. Grey then turns the Heart Rainbow into a Sakebi.

The Pretty Cures transform, but Minako doesn't transform. Hana, seeing as she can read Minako's mind, tells the Cures that she needs a bit of time to calm down a bit and accept what is coming to her. Cure Legend smiles and goes off to fight the Sakebi.

The Cures fight the Sakebi, but the battle seems like a long one. Finally Minako, who couldn't stand to see her friends hurt, had the help of Hana to transform into Cure Love, and with her attack, Love Blizzard, she returns the Heart Rainbow to the teenage boy. The Cures happily de-transform together, and Minako tells them her answer: that she will join the Heartful Shine Pretty Cure! Now, after all this time, the 5 Cures have been gathered and ready for battle. However, there is only one Cure who can train them, who is the Pretty Cure of Luck, Cure Amaze!

Major Events

  • Minako is first seen transforming into Cure Love.
  • Hana, Minako's fairy partner, makes her first appearance.
  • Minako reveals about what happened to the Shiny Rainbow Land and its destruction.
  • Minako agrees to join the team.
  • Cure Love is seen using her attack, Love Blizzard, for the first time in this season.



Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

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