Half Moon Explosion (ハーフ・ムーン・エクスプロージョン Hāfu Mūn Ekusupurōjon?) is Cure Crescent's first attack that she can use in Super ☆彡Pretty Cure!. To perform this attack, she needs nothing more than her strong will.


First, Cure Crescent calls "Gathering the power of the moon!" and then her brooch starts to glow. A black dust appears around her and she calls "Come out, my dragon power!". Then the Moon Dragon rises from the dusk and surrounds Cure Crescent. Then she points at the enemy and calls: "Pretty Cure, Half Moon Explosion!". The Dragon then flys towards the enemy and shallows it before releasing a big explosion.



Cure Crescent: 月の力を集まれ!
Cure Crescent: おいで、私の竜パワー!
Cure Crescent: プリキュア、ハーフ・ムーン・エクスプロージョン!


Cure Crescent: Tsuki no chikara o atsumare!
Cure Crescent: Oide, watashi no ryū pawā!
Cure Crescent: Purikyua, Hāfu Mūn Ekusupurōjon!


Cure Crescent: Gathering the power of the moon!
Cure Crescent: Come out, my dragon power!
Cure Crescent: Pretty Cure, Half Moon Explosion!



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