These are the episodes for CureKurogane's Pretty Cure series, Happy! Prince PreCure

Episode # Episode Title Villain Air Date
01 The Fiery Prince! Cure Phoenix is Born!
"Moeru Purinsu! Kyua Fenikkusu ga Tanjō!"
Wolven February 1, 2015
After the Pegasus Kingdom was invaded by Queen Tempest, Princess Tiara was sent to Amanogawa City to find the legendary Pretty Cure. During her misson, she meets 17-year-old, Otorishiba Ryoku, a transfer student at Amanogawa Templar High School. Is he the first Cure, Tiara is looking for?
02 The Shining Prince! The Light of Cure Saint!
"Kagayaku Purinsu! Kyua Seinto no Hikari!"
Wolven February 8, 2015
Ryoku has became Cure Phoenix and was told by Princess Tiara that there are five legendary Pretty Cure and Ryoku was the first one to be awakened. At school, Ryoku and Tiara spot Seino Hikaru at the kitchen cooking delicious meals for the Cooking Club members and decides to check out his skills. But when Wolven returns later in the day, making Ryoku transform in front of Hikaru! Will this young ameteur cook swallow his hesitation and help Ryoku before he gets defeated?
03 Storming Skies! The Sparkling Cure Zeus!
"Sora o Shūgeki! Kirameku Kyua Zeusu!"
Maria February 15, 2015
Excited to be fighting as a Pretty Cure, Hikaru decides to help Ryoku find the third Pretty Cure and that's where they saw Kiken Eagle, who was drawing and is impressed with his talent. Eagle tells the two boys that he is part of the Art Club and tells them that his dream was to become a famous manga artist. Amazed by his talent, Ryoku and Hikaru believe that Eagle is the next Pretty Cure, but are they really right about him?
04 Dashing Power! The Wind of Cure Armor!
"Chikara o Dasshu! Kyua Āmā no Kaze!"
Maria February 22, 2015

Three Pretty Cure have been awakened so far and now they are looking for the fourth Pretty Cure. As they were discussing, they bump into Sorashiro Hayate, who were confronting a group of bullies who were harassing a couple of girls. Not only that, they discover that Hayate is an aspiring musician, who is struggling in making a new song. But when Maria sends in a new Zetsubou, the Pretty Cure are in a pinch. Will Hayate step in to help?

05 The Handsome School Prince! The Noble Cure Charming!
"Hansamu Gakkō Purinsu! Kōkina Kyua Chāmingu!"
Sven March 1, 2015
There is one Pretty Cure left for Ryoku and the others find and they notice Aomi Yukito, the student council president of Amanogawa Templar High School. They notice how kind-hearted he was, not to mention how handsome he looked and they ask him to join them as the Pretty Cure, in which he politely denies. But what happens when a Zetsubou attacks? What will Yukito do at that time?
06 The Team is Complete! Happy! Prince PreCure!
"Chīmu wa Kanryōdesu! Happī! Purinsu Purikyua!"
Sven March 8, 2015
The Prince Pretty Cure have been awakened, now the question are they are going to adapt on being Pretty Cure. That's when they meet Princess Tiara's mother, Queen Aurora Celestine Pegasus, ruler of the Pegasus Kingdom. She explains what happened to the Pegasus Kingdom and how much pain her people is suffering from and pleads for the boys' help. Will they be able to accept?
07 Tiara's Brother!? Knight Appears!
"Tiara no Onīchan!? Naito ga Tōjō!"
Maria March 15, 2015
As their quest in finding the Prince Jewel Keys, the Pretty Cure run into a five-tailed wolf, who reveals himself as Knight, Princess Tiara's older brother. He has come to Earth to find Tiara and asks her why did she leave the Pegasus Kingdom. When she tries to reason with him, Knight orders her to come back to Kingdom which ends in an arguement. When Knight goes out to find Tiara, he becomes a Zetsubou! Will the Pretty Cure be able to save him and will Tiara reconcile with her big brother?
08 Power Training!? Ryoku's Karate Mission!
"Pawā Torēningu! ? Ryoku no Karate Shimei!"
Maria March 22, 2015
Feeling that he wants to become a stronger Pretty Cure, Ryoku decides to become part of the Karate Club, ran by a young aspiring martial artist name Kanojima Toshiro. Despite Tiara's doubts, Ryoku joins and soon discovers that doing Karate isn't as easy as it seems, but that doesn't mean that he was giving up. However, when a Zetsubou attacks, Ryoku finds himself in a pinch!
09 Big Pinch! Study Session to the Max!
"Dai Pinchi! Saidai no Benkyō-kai!"
Wolven March 29, 2015
Ryoku and Hayate are the only students that have the lowest scores on their exams. The two comes up with a solution, and that is to improve their study habits or else they won't be able to pass their exams and to make things worse, Tiara said that if they don't pass, neither Ryoku or Hayate won't fight as Pretty Cure anymore. Can their studying sessions pay off, or it's the end of their duties?
Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Next Stage: Protect the Dream Crystal
キュアオールスターズネクストステージ: ドリームクリスタルを守る
"Purikyua Ōru Sutāzu Nekusuto Sutēji: Dorīmu Kurisutaru o Mamoru "
Zero March 25, 2015
In this PreCure All Stars movie, the Prince Pretty Cure go to Yokohama for an international festival that was happening and while over there, they bump into the Princess Pretty Cure: Haruno Haruka, Kaido Minami, and Amanogawa Kirara. But their meet and greet were interrupted when a dark man named Zero appears out of nowhere and demands for a mystical item called the Dream Crystal, a jewel that contains dreams from around the world. As the Prince and Princess Pretty Cure transform to fight, they are encountered by the past Pretty Cure! Can they save the world from Zero's wrath?
10 Where? Where? A New Prince Jewel Key!
"Doko Doko? Aratana Purinsu Jueru Kī!"
Wolven April 5, 2015
Their times as Prince Pretty Cures was starting to pay off and one day they were told by Queen Aurora that there were new Prince Jewel Keys hidden. The boys began to search for the Keys until they realize that it was almost impossible find them that easily and they were told that the keys only respond to their feelings. Then, Wolven reappears and summons a new Zetsubou. As the Pretty Cure were about to fight, they realize that Toshiro was following them all along! Will they be able to awaken their new Keys?
11 President Dilemma! Yukito Quits the School Council!
"Shachō no Jirenma! Yukito wa Gakkō Riji-kai o Shūryō shi!"
Maria April 12, 2015
Yukito finds himself in a bind in juggling his duty as school council president. Feeling he's being pressured, he decides to resign as president which brings up worries from his fellow Cures and the rest of the student body. Will he realize that caring about everyone around him means everything to him or has he given up his title as the head of the student council?
12 School Trip! The Prince Pretty Cure go to Osaka!
"Shūgakuryokō! Purinsu Purikyua wa Ōsaka ni iku!"
Sven April  19, 2015
It's Amanogawa Templar's school field trip and the Prince Pretty Cures, along with Tiara, Knight, and Toshiro head to Osaka, which happens to be Ryoku's hometown. On the way, they meet one of Ryoku's old friends, named Hagashiro Maya who owns a buffet restaurant. Maya was kind enough to show Ryoku and his new friends around Osaka, and even try out the specials that were made in her family's restaurant, but then suddenly her dreams were taken away by Sven! What should the Prince Pretty Cures do?
13 Sour Note! A Singer's Downhearted Song!
"Sanmi Chūi! Kashu no Rakutan no Uta!"
Sven April 26, 2015
The Prince Pretty Cures were encountered by a young pop singer named Asano Chika, who is Hayate's favorite musician. Chika tells them that she wants to quit singing, but the Pretty Cure tell her that if she quit, it would upset her fans and even her family. Can the boys talk this young songbird into getting her love of music back into her life, or has she already threw away the microphone?
14 Big Fright! Hayate's Weakness!
"Ōkina Kyōfu! Hayate no Jakuten!"
Wolven May 3, 2015
Hayate was known by his toughness and sense of justice, but when they go to Kyoto for the weekend, the boys discover something about Hayate, they've never seen before...he saw a ghost, a real ghost and he freaks out like a child! This was due to his fear of ghosts and he didn't tell anyone about it because he felt like it would put him to shame. Can the boys help their Prince of Wind conquer his fear?
15 Family Dream! The Otorishba Meaning!
"Kazoku no Yume! Ōtorishiba Imi!"
Wolven May 10, 2015
Ryoku wants to know about the meaning of having the Otorishiba name, which catches the attention of his parents, Hiro and Haruka. Their family were shown to be very rich for generations, but Ryoku wanted to know what their real dreams are. But when Wolven interferes, Ryoku tries to fight him, but his power was somehow not strong enough! Can he protect his family name?
16 Hikaru and Idol! A Chef's Dilemma!
"Hikaru to Aodoru! Ryōri-chō no Jirenma!"
Maria May 17, 2015
Hikaru finds out that his favorite chef named Mikoshiba Tetsu has made his comback after being on hiatus for four years. But he then finds out that he is having trouble trying to get his energy back after being away from the spotlight. Can Hikaru helps his idol or will his career crumble?
17 Father and Son! A Painter's Gift!
"Chichi to Musuko! Gaka no Gifuto!"
Maria May 24, 2015
Eagle's father, Shuuichi returns home after 3 years of travelling all over the world, selling and presenting his famous paintings. During their reunion, Eagle sees his father feeling a bit sad, that he hasn't able to be able to be with him  because of his career and he decides to spend time with him. But what will happen to Shuuichi if Maria arrives?
18 Battle of the Bands! Hayate's Big Break!
"Taiban! Hayate no Dai Bureiku!"
Sven May 31, 2015
It that time of year, it's Amanogawa City's Talent show competition and Hayate's band named Fuujin has entered to compete against all of the students of Amanogawa Templar High School as well as the other schools and the city folks. Ryoku, Hikaru, Eagle, and Yukito decide to help support Hayate, but when Sven appears, he puts the entire event on hold! Will Hayate be able to save the show, if the others can't?
19 Parents' Love! Yukito's Wonderful Birthday!
"Oya no Ai! Yukito no Subarashī Tanjōbi!"
Sven June 7, 2015
It's Yukito's birthday and the Prince Pretty Cures' are excited to celebrate the special day of their Cure teammate and friend, and to make things better, Yukito's parents, Minako and Kenji arrive in Japan to spend time with their only son. But his birthday soon turns sour when Sven reappears and creates a Zetsubou. Will Yukito be able to save his parents and his birthday?
Movie Super Hero New Stage: Shining Light Around the World
スーパーヒーローNew Stage:世界中光を照射
" Sūpā Hīrō Nyū Sutēji:Sekaijū Hikari o Shōsha"
Vortex June 3, 2015
In this mega-crossover movie, the Prince Pretty Cures were invited to go to an new amusement park called Otaku World, and on the way, they encounter the Ninningers, ToQgers, Kamen Rider Drive, and Kamen Rider Mach. As they start to mingle with one another, they are encountered by former Sentai, KR, and Pretty Cure villains and they are after a special item called the Rainbow Flower! As these heroes transform for battle, they are encountered by previous Sentai, Kamen Riders, and Pretty Cures. Will these heroes save Otaku World and the Earth before it's too late?
20 Bonding with Aurora! We're Going to the Pegasus Kingdom
"Ōrora to Ketsugō! Watashitachiha, Pegasasu Ōkoku Tsumoridesu!"
Wolven June 14, 2015
The five boys and Toshiro were suddenly teleported to the Pegasus Kingdom where they meet Queen Aurora in person. She warmly congratulates them for their success on fighting the Pretty Cure and even tells them about  the hidden Prince Jewel Keys that are located on Earth. But their reunion was interrupted when Wolven shows up, having the boys know that he along with the other generals of Queen Tempest has already taken over. Now, the five boys, Toshiro, Tiara, Knight, and Queen Aurora find themselves facing a different Wolven than before.
21 The Great Battle! Pretty Cure vs Wolven!
"Daisakusen! U~oruben tai Purikyua!"
Wolven June 21, 2015
The Prince Pretty Cures were now encountered by an enraged Wolven and have surrounded them into complete darkness, and to make things worse, he has transformed into his true form! Now the boys are in a complete pinch and with a now transformed Wolven, their lives are put at risk! Will they be able to defeat him?
22 Summer Vacation! Our First Beach Party!
"Natsuyasumi! Saisho no Bīchipātī!"
Maria June 28, 2015
It's now summer vacation and the boys were invited to spend their first day of Summer at a beach resort ran by Ryoku's parents. But as they start to enjoy their fun and relaxation, Maria arrives uninvited and starts terrorizing the resort! Will the Prince Pretty Cure be able to save everyone's summer?
23 Carnival Time! Fun at the Amusement Park!
"Kānibaru Jikan! Yuenchi de Tanoshīdesu!"
Sven July 5, 2015
Already the beginning of summer vacation, the Prince Pretty Cures were invited to come to the grand opening of a new theme park outside of Amanogawa City.Just as the boys were getting into what was going on, Sven appears to put a halt to the park by turning the owner of the park into a Zetsubou! Will the Princes be able to save the park and themselves?
24 Karate Battle! Ryoku and Toshiro's New Opponent!
"Karate Taisen! Ryoku to Toshirō no Shin Taisen aite!"
Sven July 12, 2015
A karate competition is held at Amanogawa Arena and Ryoku is one of the competitors as well as Toshiro, who is his partner. The other Prince Pretty Cures started cheering them on until they meet a young martial artists, who bestows an arrogant ego, claiming that he's the best out of all of the contestants, which starts to bug Ryoku and Toshiro, but when Sven arrives, he turns the loudmouth into a Zetsubou, much to the Princes' chagrin.
25 Cuisine Crisis! Hikaru's Food Conflict!
"Ryōri no Kiki! Hikaru no Shokuhin Funsō!"
Maria July 9.2015
26 Author's Spotlight! Eagle's Manga Debut
"Chosha no Supottoraito! Īguru no Manga Debyū"
Maria July 26, 2015
27 Stage Trouble! Hayate's Band Breaking Up!?
"Dan no Toraburu! Hayate no Bando Bureikingu Appu!?"
Sven August, 2, 2015
28 Arranged Marriage!? Yukito's Fiance Arrives!
"Miai Kekkon!? Yukito no Fianse ga Tōchaku!"
Sven August 9, 2015
29 Friendship No More!? Ryoku and Hayate's Fight!
"Koreijō Yūjō! Ryoku to Hayate no Faito!"
Maria August 16, 2015
30 Go For It! Yukito and the Summer Festival!
"Ganbare! Yukito to Natsumatsuri!"
Maria August 23, 2015
31 The Golden Ace! Star in the Outfield!
"Gōruden'ēsu! Gaiya de no Sutā!"
Sven September 6, 2015
32 New Semester! Birth of the Royal Prism Castle!
"Shin Gakki! Roiyaru Purizumu Kyassuru no Tanjō!"
Sven Septemper 13,  2015
33 No Way! Inazaki-sensei is Transferring Schools!?
"Masaka! Inazaki-sensei wa Gakkō ni Tensō sa Remasu!?"
Maria Septemper 20, 2015
34 Toshiro's Dream! The Fists of Heart!
"Tōshirō no Yume! Kokoro no Ken!"
Maria September 27, 2015
35 Big Trouble! School Play At Risk!
"Ōkina Mondai! Kikende Gakkō Purei!"
Sven October 4, 2015
36 Big Meeting! Eagle and the Author!
"Biggu kaigi! Īguru to Chosha!"
Sven October 11, 2015
37 The Past PreCure!? Power of the Sacred Grand Keys!
"Kako no Purikyua!? Shinseina Gurando Kagi no Chikara!"
Maria October 18, 2015
38 Royal Power! The Princes' Grand Transformation!
"Roiyaru Pawā! Ōji Gurando Henshin!"
Maria October 25, 2015
39 Mind Of A Chef! A Saucy Moment for Hikaru!
"Shefu no Omoi! Hikaru no Tame no Namaiki Shunkan!"
Sven November 1, 2015
40 Where is She!? Tiara's Gone Missing!
"Kanojo wa Doko? Tiara wa, Yukue Fumei ni Natte Orimasu!"
Noir & Mist November 8, 2015
41 An Unforgettable Day! A Wedding's Song!
"Wasurerarenai-bi! Kekkonshiki no Uta!"
Noir and Mist November 15, 2015
42 A Crystal Heart! Yukito's True Dream!
"Kurisutaru Hāto! Yukito no Mayume!"
Sven November 22, 2015
43 Hospital Visit! A Survivor's Goal!
"Byōin Hōmon! Izoku Gōru!"
Sven November 29, 2015
44 Oh No! Ryoku's Transformation Fails!
"Ā Nai! Ryoku no Henshin ga Shippai Shimasu!"
Noir and Mist December 6, 2015
45 A Phoenix's Flames! Strength Burning Within!
"Fenikkusu no Honō! Tsuyo Inai Moeru!"
Noir and Mist December 13, 2015
46 Tempest's Past!? An Intense Christmas!
"Tenpesuto no Kako!? Kyōretsuna Kurisumasu!"

Queen Tempest

December 20, 2015
47 A Beautiful Winter! Sven's Last Stand!
"Utsukushī Fuyu! Suvu~en no Saigo no Sutando!"
Sven December 27, 2015
48 Darkness Approaching! Protect Everyone's Dreams!
"Yami Sekkin! Min'na no Yume o Mamorimasu!"
Queen Tempest
Noir and Mist
January 3, 2016
49 Great Battle Begins! Prince PreCure vs Tempest!
"Gurēto Tatakai ga Hajimari! Tenpesuto tai Purinsu Purikyua!"
Queen Tempest
Noir and Mist
January 10, 2016
50 25 Keys Together! Save the Pegasus Kingdom!
"Issho ni 25 Kagi! Pegasasu Ōkoku o Sukue!"
Queen Tempest
Noir and Mist
January 17, 2016
51 Thank You Everyone! Dreams of the Shining Future!
"Min'na Arigatō! Kagayai Mirai no Yume!"
Queen Tempest
January 24, 2016

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