Harmonia Pretty Cure!
Harumonia Purikyua!
General Information
Created onAugust 2015
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 2017 - January 2018
Episodes45 Episodes
Opening SongSay Go! Start the Music Pretty Cure!
Ending SongIma Koko Kara
Series Info
PredecessorGo! Princess Pretty Cure

Harmonia Pretty Cure! is a Fan series created by FairySina. This season is a retelling of the Haru no Carnival movie, with different characters. The themes of this season are music and dances.




Pretty Cures

  • Hanazono Yurika (花園 ゆりか Hanazono Yurika?) - A lovely young girl that loves flowers and her favorite season is the spring. Yurika is really cheerful and energetic, she usually gets herself and others in danger but always finds a way to get them out of it afterwards. Yurika isn't really found of too much sun. This is why she usually is seen with a parasol during summer. Her alter ego is Cure Primavera (キュアプリマヴェーラ Kyua Purimavu~ēra?), the Pretty Cure of spring and flowers. (Seiyuu: Minase Inori)
  • Ikubo Haruna (飯窪 春菜 Īkubo Haruna?) - A going-to-be idol. Haruna has a really beautiful voice and her biggest desire is to become an idol to share her passion and love with everyone. However, sometimes she forgets other things like school or duty due to her idol activities. She is also very forgetful. Besides that, Haruna is a really sweet girl and is going to release her first album soon. Her alter ego is Cure Pitch (キュアピッチ Kyua Pitchi?), the Pretty Cure of songs.(Seiyuu: Ikubo Haruna)
  • Nijimura Hanabi (虹村 はなび Nijimura Hanabi?) - A gifted streetdancer of Koyama. Hanabi, also called "The dancing flower", is a badass and very tomboyish young girl. She is in Yurika and Kotone's class but never really paid attention to anyone else than her dancing group. She and her dancing group are very popular at Koyama, especially at their school. Hanabi lives with her older siblings since her parents don't live in Japan anymore. Her alter ego is Cure Pirouette (キュアピルエット Kyua Piruetto?), the Pretty Cure of dance.
  • Wakano Kokone (和歌野 ここね Wakano Kokone?) - A calm and very shy young girl. She hardly talks to anyone, except for her few friends. However, if you get closer to her, you'll find out that she has a fiery personality and determined to do a lot things, even if they seem dangerous. Her alter ego is Cure Phoenix (キュアフェニックス Kyua Fenikkusu?), the Pretty Cure of hope and dragons.


  • Ayuma (アユマ Ayuma?) - A white cat-like magical being from Harmonia. She has mostly white fur with some blue markings. Ayuma usually wears a blue shirt with '15 on it. Ayuma is a hyper active cat that came to Koyama to find the legendary warriors of Harmonia. Ayuma usually ends her sentences with "~mama".
  • Sakura (サクラ Sakura?) - A grey-greenish owl with a sakura blossom in her fur. Sakura is very calm and wise and usually gives the girls good advices when they have problems. Sakura usually ends her sentences with "~rara"


  • Utaen (ウタエン Utaen?) - A master thief that wants to rule the kingdom of Harmonia himself.
  • Odoren (オドレン Odoren?) - Utaen's partner.
  • Ryujin (リュウジン Ryūjin?)

Supporting Characters

  • King Harmonia (ハルモニアの王さま Harumonia no ō-sama?) - The king of Harmonia.
  • Queen Harmonia (ハルモニアの女王さま Harumonia no joō-sama?) - The queen of Harmonia.
  • Nijimua Mayumi (虹村 真弓 Nijimura Mayumi?) - Hanabi's oldest sister, who currently works at a little restaurant but dreams about opening her own soon.
  • Nijimura Ryuji (虹村 竜児 Nijimura Ryūji?) - Hanabi's older brother and Chikara's younger twin brother. He and his twin formed a rockband together with some friends.
  • Nijimura Chikara (虹村 力 Nijimura Chikara?) - Hanabi's older brother and Ryuji's older twin brother. He and his twin formed a rockband together with some friends.
  • Hanazono Kisaki (花園 妃 Hanazono Kisaki?) - Yurika's older sister.


  • Harmonia (ハルモニア Harumonia?) - The kingdom of songs and dances.
  • Koyama; sometimes refered as Koyama City (光山市 Kōyama-shi?) - The main location of this season.
  • Koyama City Academy (光山市学園 Kōyama-shi gakuen?)



  • In the actual movie, Ayuma's name was Ayumi. But it was changed due to Sakagami Ayumi.
  • Kotone's Cure name was originally going to be "Cure Tune", but was changed to Cure Pitch.
  • Ayane's name was originally going to be "Kokone", but it did sound too similar to Kotone so it was changed.
    • However, after Kotone's name was changed to Haruna, Ayane became Kokone again.
  • Haruna, former Kotone, is named after a member of Morning Musume '15.
  • This is the second season to have music as main motif. The first was Suite Pretty Cure♪.
  • The Cures were planned to represent the four seasons, however, this idea was removed.


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